Freak the Mighty

Love and Sacrifice

Book Title

The title shows caring for a friend. Kevin and Max are good friends because they hang out a lot. They protect each other. Freak is Kevin because he is small and freaky. Mighty is Max because he is big and strong.

Conflict and Outcome-Man vs. Society

The book Freak the Mighty is Man vs. Society. I put Society because they are always going up against the world. Like they get picked on by everybody. They get picked on because they hang out and people call them a circus act. Max mostly sacrifices for Kevin by always picking him up.

Character's remarks

Max sacrificed himself for Kevin by going out at 12am in the morning to look for some treasure that Kevin saw some guys put in the sewer drain. Max also sacrificed himself for Kevin by grabbing Kevin's birdie out of the tree. Kevin also sacrificed himself for Max by sticking up for Max when he was getting picked on by some bullies. When Max put Kevin in a wagon that was also something he sacrificed for Kevin.


Max is diferent from Kevin because Max is really tall. Kevin is also really short and cannot walk. Kevin is also really smart and Max is below average. Max tries to act like an adult and Kevin tries to act like a kid and you know this because Kevin always wears capes and costums but Max tries to act like a parent because he has none. Max has a pretty big temper and Kevin knows how to deal with bullying