Rowe & Dunn

5th Grade: January 9-13


WELCOME Back!!! We are so excited to see everyone and hear about their break!!!! We have sure missed those precious faces and smiles!!!


As we begin our 2nd semester we want to remind students how important it is to have all supplies when they come to class. Please be sure students have the following supplies in stock when we return:





Field Trip - January 17th:

Symphony and Mr. Gatti's money is due Friday, January 13th. The cost is $11 for Gatti's. The $11 covers the buffet and gets the students $11.25 in game play. Students may bring extra money for games the day of the field trip.



Welcome Back! We are going to jump right in with Making Connections Across Literary Genres. We will work on comparing & contrasting different pieces of text. We will continue working on our reading strategies already covered, such as inferencing, paraphrasing, and context clues. We will also begin writing our snow globe stories.

Spelling - Unit 14 (test on Friday)

Vocabulary - Unit 13: Communication words (test on Friday)


We will continue with Unit #7: Financial Literacy. Students will learn about balancing a budget, methods of payment, taxes, and gross/net pay. Unit #7 content and vocabulary test will be on Friday, January 13th. We are in Topic 16 of Envision


We will begin Unit #7: Sun, Moon, & Earth. Students will compare and contrast all three, learn about rotation and revolution, and shadows.

Social Studies

Westward Movement: Students will learn how the U.S. Westward Movement changed America and the effects it had on the American Indians and immigrants.