Modern Case Study

You will create a brochure, pamphlet, flyer, etc. for a species which has gone extinct, is extinct in the wild, or is critically endangered (this does not have to mean an animal species). You may do this individually or with a partner.

You can choose which species you would like to research but two groups may not choose the same organism. So tell your teacher your choice quickly!

You must include the information detailed below and your product should be visually appealing as well as informative. Creativity is encouraged!

The project is due on Friday 2/19 - turned in or shared with your teacher. This will count as one lab grade.

Required Information

  • Species scientific name
  • Pictures if available
  • Dates of discovery and extinction
  • Biogeographical data (location, initial population size, ecology and behavior)
  • Causes of extinction
  • Ecological effects of the extinction
  • Possible actions that may have prevented the extinction
  • Works cited (your sources)

NOTE: Do NOT just copy and paste this information. This information is factual so it will not necessarily be able to be "put in your own words" but copying and pasting is plagiarism.

Suggested Tools

You may choose to create your brochure with any of these (or another tool you know of) but you should select something you know how to use or can easily learn that is free to use. Instruction on how to use this technology will not be given!

Google Drawing

Google Docs




Helpful Websites

You can use other sources other than these two but this should get you started.

IUCN Red List

This website has information on many extinct and endangered species.


Another website with information on extinct species.