Shannon Negotiates American Petroleum Extension

Plan of Action

1. Raise money and donate money towards the largest petroleum engineering institutions in the country. We will gain some of this money by cutting funds on international oil purchases before our plan is able to completely erase the need for international oil.

2.Next, we will approach these institutions with ideas to create new technology that will make drilling for oil less harmful to the environment and able to harvest more oil than current oil drills.

3.The engineers will also be put to work on cars and other large objects that require oil, and figure out ways for these things to be less dependant on oil.

4. Once these cars are created, one car from every family in America (*must be American citizens) will have the opportunity to be traded in for a new “green car” for $500.

5. The proceeds from the car trade in will be used towards to creation and manufacturing of the oil drills that were mentioned in step 2.

6. The money will also be used to build oil refineries in the USA.

7. By the year 2016 the Green Car, new oil drills, and oil harvesting systems will be completed and by 2017 they will be put to use.

8. It is estimated that with the SNAPE plan in tact they USA will be practically international oil independant by the year 2024

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