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August 27, 2023

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Did You Know that "A Bobcat ROARS?"

This has been a fantastic week starting back. So much has settled from Monday to Friday and we appreciate your support in helping us get back into routines. We are spending thoughtful time helping our "bobcats" focus on three important character traits everywhere they go at our school. We hope that you will help us model them so they become a part of their decision making. 1. A Bobcat is Respectful. That means we treat others the way we want to be treated (Golden Rule). We even strive to treat others the way they want to be treated (Platinum Rule). We want our children to be quiet in our halls so that teachers can teach and children can learn in their classrooms and not be distracted. We want them to be kind to their friends as they work and play so they can enjoy time together. We need for them to know there are authorities in so many roles in our school (i.e. teachers, assistants, secretaries, custodians, cafeteria workers, cafeteria monitors) and those people are there to guide and help them. We hope they learn how to put themselves in others' shoes and develop empathy. 2. A Bobcat is Responsible. Cindy Johnson, a former beloved teacher in Rock Hill, used to tell parents and students that the most important thing they would learn in her her fourth grade class was responsibility. She emphasized students learning to own their "responses" in any given situation. Being responsible means making the right decision the first time. It is doing the right thing when no one is looking. It is being trustworthy which is being worthy of one's trust. It is doing as much as you can so others don't have to do for you what you can do for yourself. This week we've gone over and over with our students what to do. Now, we want them to be responsible to follow through. 3. A Bobcat is Safe. We want our children to know how important it is to keep their bodies, minds and emotions healthy. We also want them to understand how to help protect others from harm as well. This is why we encourage keeping our hands and feet to ourselves. This is why we walk in the building instead of running. This is why we follow directions when using materials in class. This is why we use helpful words instead of hurtful words with our friends. Our greatest priority this week (and every week) is our children's safety and we need all the little and big people supporting that priority each day. A Bobcat RoaRS (Respectful, Responsible, Safe) when he or she embodies those character traits. We all live loud, vibrant, and meaningful lives when we choose to keep these qualities in mind. We hope you will join us in modeling and reinforcing those attributes with our children. Ask these questions: Was that respectful? Was that being responsible? Was that safe? I believe if we all keep our eyes, heads and hearts focused on these character traits, others will indeed hear our "RoaRS."

Strength and Blessings,

Mr. Maness

Notes and Reminders

1. Technology Forms and Fees--Parents, please know that personal mobile computing devices and chargers will be distributed each year only after parents/guardians and students sign the Technology Agreement and parents/guardians complete and pay the $20 Technology fee. These forms can be completed online in Parent Portal and technology fees can be paid online here: See button below if you still need directions to sign up for Parent Portal.

2. CPES Spirit Wear Online Store--This year, we will have an online store open three different times for Cherry Park Spirit Wear. All orders will be delivered to school within 10 business days of store close (not date of order). We will not be able to accept late orders. We will not be able to offer returns or exchanges. The online store is open from now through Labor Day, September 4. It will open again in November and in the spring. Here is the link for the CPES Online Store: Cherry Park Elementary Online Store

3. Bobcat Dash on October 27--The PTO is excited to host the 4th Annual Bobcat Dash Fun Run this October! This is our only school Fundraiser and we need everyone's help to make it successful. Please consider Sponsoring the Bobcat Dash or asking your place of employment for a Sponsorship. You can click on the Bobcat Dash Sponsor Letter button below for more information. The Pledge Forms for students to collect donations will go home at the beginning of October. Our goal this year is to raise enough money to complete the turf installation on the playground. This will benefit every student in the school. Please send all questions about Sponsorships or the Fun Run in general to the PTO at

Every student at Cherry Park will receive a FREE Bobcat Dash T-shirt to wear! If you have not yet done so please use the QR code above to send us your child's t-shirt size. This will need to be filled out for every child you have at CPES. You can also do this at the following link:

3. District Elementary Honors Choir for 4th and 5th Graders--Please click on the form below to find out more information if your child would like to try out for the Rock Hill District Elementary Honors Choir.

4. Long-term Leave for Art--Mrs. Molly Garrard will be going on maternity leave in September. If you know of someone who might be interested in filling in for her while she is on leave, let me know. (

5. Projects Around the School--We have a few extra projects that need to be done around the school. If you and/or your family/club/service group/small group would like to help, let me know. We have some painting (beyond the normal scope of maintenance work) to be done and some pictures that need to be hung.

6. Breakfast in the Morning--If you want your child to eat breakfast in the morning, please arrive by 7:25. It takes a few minutes to get to the cafeteria, a few minutes to go through the line, a few minutes to eat and then a few minutes to get to class. We don't want your child to miss out on important instructions and preparation for his day in his class.

Please remember if your child is not out of you car before 7:40, you will be asked to park and sign your child in late.

CPES Spirit Wear Online Store

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Bobcat Dash T-shirt Link

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School Calendar

August 30--6:00 Scouting Night at CPES and All Elementary Schools

September 4--Labor Day Holiday (No School); Last Day to Order CPES Spirit Wear

September 11--6:30 PTO Meeting

Parent Organizations

School Improvement Council--This group seeks to determine how Cherry Park Elementary can be the best school it can be. It is a sounding board and feedback group for the school and district. Members are elected for two year terms. Members of this year's Council include Anitra Meeks, Paloma Fernandez Sanchez, Brittany Jensen, Celia Kerr, Ashley Petit, Latisha Givens, and Scott Kennedy. Ex-Officio Members are Mr. Maness (Principal) and Mrs. Futrelle (Assistant Principal). Meetings are held at Cherry Park on the second Monday of each month at 5:30 PM. All parents are invited to attend.

Parent Teacher Organization--This group has three main goals: Raising funds for the school, appreciating the staff and securing volunteers as needed. The Cherry Park PTO is a 501c3 tax deductible organization. Meetings are held at Cherry Park on the second Monday of each month at 6:30 PM (right after the SIC meetings.) All parents are invited to attend. All financial records are distributed and updated at each month's meeting. Officers this year are Amanda Winters (President), Emmanuel Lewis (Vice-President), Celia Kerr (Secretary) and Michelle Dawkins (Treasurer).

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