The World As We Know It

Breion Davis

Smore 1

Media is basically a main of mass communication with everyone about the world. For example, television, radio, and the internet. Important topics that spread by people sharing or presented on the news. It depends on how the information is being accessible to grab certain people attention. Mostly on the news they show the people what is going on in the world and with no expression of their opinion about the subject on their face. However, on social media everyone has different opinion about a situation, that it doesn’t matter what they say because everyone has their own way of thinking. Mostly teenagers be on social media all the time to see what’s new about their favorite celebrity or football team. Media can be a positive route to things if the parents isn’t ready letting their child experience things on their own. Media Literate is the skill to access, evaluate, communication, and produce Media. Media Literate skills are included with educational standards for Language Arts, Science, Health and other subjects. It helps the youth and the adults to empower to understand certain difficult messages that is seen on television, the internet, newspaper, magazines, books, billboards, and heard on the radio/music. It helps the youth with developing critical thinking, recognize the bias side of situation, make them supporter of media justice and etc. Media justice is referred to the old material like history, culture, and power.

What can I do, Smore#2

Police Misconduct

What I can do to make Police Misconduct public in my community? When I say public I meant how can people and my community can open their eyes and realized that this can happen to them too. I can make a posters for the schools and local business that want to be apart of this topic. Make it aware to the community that people are really dying and being used in the hands on the police… which is scary. I will please to make it a popular event in our society now. In view of the fact that “The number of people killed by law enforcement in the US this year has reached 1,000 after officers in Oakland, California, shot dead a man who allegedly pointed a replica gun at them.” [Swaine] Which is sad because we don't need to be afraid or threatened by the police. Also, I want to get into an organization dealing with Police Misconduct. that will give myself more information about what i need to do to avoid that situation. Spread knowledge upon citizens about the issue on social media about the impacts it has on certain parts of the community. Have a group of my own, with teens and what they think about the issue with police and what they want to do about it besides being a slacker. I want people to know that it can happen to everyone, it’s not about race, it about the lifeless police that take advantage of people.

Smore #3

Superbowl Ad

In the Prius ad, they are trying to show how fast the car is and what specials features they have for the car. There was four bank robbers and they needed a car. So they stole a Prius and gave some money to the owner of the car. While getting away, the police started to chase them. One of the police said "Wow this car is really fast" and they couldn't catch them. And the whole world was in love with the four guys and the car then everyone wanted a Prius. All four was driving out of state and the driver fell asleep at the wheel and the car auto stop because it was a police car in front of them. So they silently drove past them and they drove away. Their audience is someone who can drive of course and who wants a fast, special feature car.

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Smore #4, The Men We Adore :)

Men, Women, and Commercials

Some people see men as just an immature, stupid, and selfish person. Always doing things that benefit themselves besides looking for other thing that really matter. And in the media we discriminate men because stereotypes of what we think about them. In commercials they depict them as kids, thinking about their hormones than their feelings, and scared of their wives. They make it so believable for people to buy the product and foods. For example the Dairy Queen when the little girl got the sundae from the boy, women/girls can get whatever they want because of how they look. On commercials they portrays women as strong, intelligent, and always right. They can’t make fun of women as the do to men because women always was giving the lower hand by men. And women will take the commercial as an insult besides a funny moment. I think society values men by with the do, the positive said of men. Like being a great father, husband, and friends. However, we have some men out there that are really not the sharpest knife in the drawer. They are represented as dumb and lazy men. I think it’s was normal now in our society that women keep men in line with some situation. So women are the smart and responsible ones than men.

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Smore #5

Valentine's Day Ads

For the commercials we watched in class, it was mostly about arguments and mayhem. Not really about the value of Valentine’s Day or love. You would think that a commercial will be sweet and caring for their partner. But it is always the case, to me with the argument i think at the end it brings the couple more together. I guess in the society the hypocrisy is telling the couples not to argue, don’t have a mayhem relationship. they want people to buy their items because it can cause them to get their partner something for the special day. One commercial with the couple sitting on the couch, and the husband didn't get the wife a gift because she said they was going to buy a gifts at all. Which also means buy the gift anyways. So basically the commercial makes couples realize or relate to it. They do the opposite of what we expect they want us to focus on the ads and make our own idea about it or go purchase the product for their special love one. I think the companies that post Valentine’s Day commercial doesn't really care about the relationship, its about the how many people buy the product.

Smore #6

Should Apple Fix?

On December 2, 2015 , there was a shooting in San Bernardino and 14 innocent lives was taken. And the shooter Syed Farook and his wife Tashfeen Malik was shot and killed during a shootout with the police. Syed Farook has a iPhone that investigators wants to get into but it has a passcode on the phone. And if the investigator put the wrong passcode 5 times the iPhone will delete all evidence that they need for the case. The judge gave a warrant to get the iPhone open. However, they ask Apple to make a software to crack the phone to receive the evidence. Apple doesn't want to make the software because if they make it it might effect all iPhone customers. I believe they (apple) should make it because 14 victims was involved in this awful event. The victims families should receive this evidence so they can have relief. The people with iPhones are at risk because in second article it says "to weaken those protections and make our users less safe." [Tim Cook] If Apple make an Encryption to get into Syed Farook's phone, it going to effect ALL iPhones.
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Smore #7

Should The Government Have The Right To Spy On Citizens?

If we gave the government full access to what the citizen are doing everyone would be in jail of doing something illegal or wrong. Yes it could solve some of the America’s problems like people trying to be in ISIS or mass shootings in schools or on innocent people one the streets. For example, on December 14, 2012, in Newton, Connecticut. A 20-year-old Adam Lanza fatally shot 20 children aged between 6 and 7 years old, as well as six adult staff members. Now if the government was watching this young man then they would probably found out the plan that he was going through with. However, if the government was watching Adam Lanza they would have show that he may had a little mental illness. Then parents will have their young children back and staff member will be able to go homes to their families. But sometimes we need these tragics are needed to make the world be more appreciative about life and their families. What about government officials shouldn't they be watch by their own people? Hillary Clinton, you know the name. All the emails that was not secured by her and the government lead to murders of Americans in Benghazi.If the government was watching Hillary Clinton and what she was really up to with the emails this would happen either. The awful part about the government spying is the unfairness of watching the citizens besides the people in the government. its more people in the government that are doing more damage to the society. I’m very bias about this topic/issue because with the government watching, less awful events will happen. And with the government not watching things can slip under their noses so quickly.

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Smore #8

Get It Straight!

I found that candidates lie about important information that they get from the media. Sometimes they should go in and research it for themselves to determine their side of reason or opinion. For example, Donald Trump posted a picture about the statistics of how Blacks kill 81% of whites in homicide crimes. Which is incorrect, the FBI research show different and it came to their findings that the number is way less. Like your parents always said you can't believe what you see on the Internet and that is what Donald Trump is doing today. He didn't go in for himself and say "Let me research this, to get a better understanding of this topic." This makes me skeptical about Trump and putting the world or the USA in his hands. However, its not always just republicans, its also democrats. Is very important to research your candidate, even though you like their appearance you have to go in inside to see what they are going to do better for the society. You might agree with one candidate on a Democratic side but you probably like another candidate's idea on the Republican side that's why you have to research each candidate. You can't rely on the media of what they say, that is what most candidates are doing, which gives them bad recognition from the society. You have to back up your reasoning with your facts, you can't just look up anything on Twitter or Wikipedia. And this is just not for candidates is also for everybody in the world. As humans some do not like the truth but sometimes the candidate has to show the society , "Hey I know this is bad, but I going to try my best to fix it." Besides lying to the people's faces . For example Hillary Clinton with the scandal of her emails the people don't know if she's lying or not. So the people just judge her by her background and what she been through
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Smore #9

Aint Rebellion Fine!

What make these rebellions so powerful is that the people behind the organization that have the heart tonight for what they believe in. Even thought i didn't believe in what they were doing its just that passion and drive to move a group together. And what makes this group strong is the fear, some out the group might had thought it was wrong in what was happening to the Jews they didn't want that to happen to them or their family. So once again to hold this type of rebellion group (Holocaust) together is fear and commitment as a member. Also its because of the leader of the group. Of course they were inspired by the leader of the organization. The leader was Heinrich Himmler but mostly Adolf Hitler who declared the reformulation of the Nazi Party. In 1933, the Jewish population of Europe stood at over nine million. Although Jews, which the Nazis convinced themselves that they were priority danger to Germany, were the mostly victims of Nazi racism, other victims included some 200,000 Roma (Gypsies). At least 200,000 mentally or physically disabled patients, mainly Germans, living in institutional settings, were murdered in the so-called Euthanasia Program. People do stupid things when a leader brainwash them into thinking someone is a primary threat, Back then there were no television about gossip of the Jews. A human being has to listen to a leader to do things that weren't absolutely correct.Heinrich Himmler (1900-1945) was the Reich Leader of the dreaded SS of the Nazi party from 1929 until 1945. Hitler and the Nazi Party rose to power due to the social and political circumstances that characterized the interwar period in Germany. They gathered people together with the same interest and Hitler preached to the audience to get everyone on his side. Some people disagree about the situation but didn't take action on it. A kind of uprising i am seeing in the world is Black Lives Matter mostly, with all the Police Officer accidentally shooting or overkill on a black African American. The uprising is not doing anything violent like a leader tell their members to kill all the cops they see. No. they do a peaceful protest around public and important places. However other take the Black Lives Matter to different ranges because some start riots with the police. which makes it so hard to to see the good in the Black Lives Matter members.

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Smore #10

The Government Wins Again!

Some ways that Winston and Edward Snowden are similar is they both want to go against the government. Winston has articles and artifacts that he can use to go gives the government or big brother. And Edward Snowden leaked some of the NSA files that was dealing with the surveillance activity of the US. They are both fighting for their freedom and privacy in the world. Edward Snowden didn't like how the government was destroying the privacy for US citizen. However, the United States of America is trying to look out for the citizens for their own safety. Otherwise Winston's scenario about

the government/big brother is that they are making the citizens afraid of the government or of the society that they are in so they won't do anything outside of the government's power. Also Edward did what he did it without fear of the government. He fully to Hong Kong China where he printed out the documents that he leaked and met up with the guardian journalists and told his story. For Winston he doesn't have these opportunities that Edward did, he would have been a vanish out of Oceania before he got the chance to open his mouth. The reason was of the thought police or any other co-workers around him would tell. The similarities between O'Brian and Edward is that they are curious about certain things in the world. And sometimes they go too far to find certain information that others don't want them to find. People who are too smart in the world always are a threat to others. On one of the videos called the dark side of technology it talks about how far the technology will go in the future. When the future comes we won't be able to control how the Internet or technology will help the world.

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Smore 11

Is Technology From Heaven?

Technology is very helpful to the world because we didst know we would be doing back in the old days. Technology has some positive and negative outputs on the world that makes the world change dramatically. Lets list the positive of technology, shall we? One of the positive impact is progressive technology in the agriculture field, we are able to meet food requirements of people all over the world. Technology helps a person if they have health issues like cancer. it determine rather a lump of cancer is in it first stage. The bad and awful impacts that technology has brought upon the United States is the social media sites. People can use that for negative use like hacking into somebody's credit card or stealing someones identity.
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Smore 12


Freedom and happiness can be shared equally within a human being. However, happiness always wins the fight with people. For example the terrorist's iPhone in San Bernardino, Apple said they would help the FBI to crack the phone of the terrorist because the “happiness” of their customers. With Apple trying to hack the IPhone it will make it easier for other hackers to control customers phone. So it all depends on what is very important to the people of America. I want to know what evil men did this terrorist threat on our American people because i don't want others to come over and destroy our country that we build so hard for. I do agree with Winston because human always think about themselves and what makes them happy beside what is right and keep them safe. Think about the party they are only trying to please and make big brother happy not thinking about the freedom they would have as proles. And i do see similar ways in our society today, which will turn our free country to a happy country of what the Americans people want. As citizens we need to stop and realized that some parts of the government has too much of our freedom that we need to fight back with.

Smore 13

Gaslighting is mean :-l

So Gaslighting is a victim is manipulated into doubting his or her own memory, perception and sanity. It got popular and way easier to do because all the media in the world to make people believe things are happening. I can relate everything i read on the social media and watch on new shows i believe which i have to stop. And one of the candidates that is running for president is an example of this. And his name is Donald Trump the one you always hear on the news. Going back to the article, “Donald Trump Is Successfully Conning The Entire Country,” in the twelfth paragraph it talks about how everything Trump says is untrue. “Not true. He said he watched thousands of people in Jersey City celebrate on 9/11: Not true. He said there’s been“no violence” at campaign rallies, despite plenty of documented evidence to the contrary.” some of the things he say we believe it because we don't want to do the research on the candidates that’s running.Hillary Clinton and her emails, saying that she didn't do it purposely. And the end result of that was four Americans died. i think the way we can fix this to make people take responsible for this action maybe punishment.

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Smore 14

Can We Autocorrect Humanity?

Part 1:

What we could do to ensure that we don't become a society that depends on our technology is to call up friends. Go out and do something fun without being all your technology. If you have a family you should separate from their technology and have a family game night. If you're by yourself you should try to separate yourself from your technology & read a book. Something that makes you think exercise your brain. Society relies on the technology then it will be a downfall in our generation. We need to fix this before it becomes a problem to humanity. There is addiction between someone cell phone himself. I think it's between somebody's brain to think that they are addicted and is a disease. Train your brain to say no to a technology if you are thinking that technology is taking over your life, you stop. It all depends on what type of person it is to get over that problem. Somebody think that are having a problem with technology and disconnecting themselves they need to see professional help. I believe that it is all in their brain and how they take it. So we need to take away these technology systems before everyone becomes crazy. Some ways to detox from my phone or my technology is to do a 30 day challenge. What I mean by that is to only spent one hour on my phone each day. Try to challenge my family and friends to do the same. This is a way to distance ourselves from our phones. But some challenges of this reason is that teenagers are too attached to do the 30 day challenge. So I say take it day by day, if you create a goal make a small one and then lead up to a bigger goal. I think encouragement from others to do the same will help you a lot. You won't be alone to say hey I'm at all I want is doing this and it's stupid.

Part 2:

When I look back at my first entry I see that it has deepened because society has got way to attach to their technology. Society or generation does not know how to stop this problem. A good thing so how technology to make better world by making better cars & trying to find a cure for cancer but in the hands of teenagers is bad. Back in the 1990s technology has not sparked like it is today, people used to go outside & exploring with others but now nobody goes outside. Have learned through all the assignments that was given I can truly see Technology is a problem. They got to take away from this class is that our generation is doomed if we don't come together as one. Class is different from others because I actually learned something about our generation. Things I can do in my future is to stop using my social media or technology more. Because my technology or others will affect my brain and turned me crazy. I just wish that others will do the same so this world become insane. I just want everyone to pay attention to this problem. And that is what I got out of this class.