Kingdom News

Linda King, 1st grade JCMES


We are going on our field trip on Thursday, May 17!! A paper will come home on Wednesday reminding you if you need to provide a lunch and drink for your child. If you signed up to PACK your child's lunch, PLEASE make sure you provide a good lunch and some water for your child! It is a very active field trip with lots of walking!

Class Dojo Points

Saving Up To Spend!

First grade has been learning about spending and saving and making choices because we can't have everything that we want. (Oh how we know that is true!) At the end of the month, the 1st grade teachers will be setting up a store for our students to shop. Each class will produce something to sell and each teacher will also have some goods to sell. On Monday, we zeroed out all dojo points. The points earned between this past Monday and Thursday, May 31st will be turned into Jake Bucks (or some other "funny money" format) to spend at the 1st grade store. Students will need to make some choices about which items to buy using their earned dollars from Dojo points. This activity gives students an authentic look at the economic concepts we have been studying.