WHPE June Update

Be a leader - Join the WHPE Board of Directors

Several positions on the WHPE Board of Directors will be open for election this year. Elections will be held on Thursday October 24th 2013 and positions hold a 2 year term.

A few years ago I volunteered to be a district coordinator at our convention and I can honestly say it was the best impulsive decision I have ever made! If you are interested or would like to learn more please contact either myself jbailey@dce.k12.wi.us or whpe@uwlax.edu

Celebrations - Keep them coming!

There is still time to submit your successes & celebrations before the end of May. Simply click here and complete the google form. One person will win a $20 iTunes gift card. Remember, any success in PE and health, no matter how small, is worth celebrating!

I will also do an iTunes gift card draw at the end of June so keep them coming!

No Wifi? No problem!

Ever been out on the field, thinking about how great it would be to have wifi access so you could use google forms for assessment or show a student a video clip modeling a skill? Now you can! All you need is your cellphone and ipad and you are in business. Check out Nathan Horne's (@penathan) video below to see exactly how easy and quick it is to set up.
Setting Up a Hotspot from your iPhone to iPad for #PhysEd

FIT Kids Act & Institute of Medicine Report recommends PE be designated a core subject

Thursday May 23rd was a very positive day for Physical Education. Not only did the Institute of Medicine release a report recommending that Physical Education be designated as a core subject but the FIT Kids act was also reintroduced to the Senate by Senator Harkin. Finally, our State Superintendent Tony Evers also issued a statement on The Power of Physical Activity.

This is very encouraging but if there was ever a time to write to your senator asking them to support this bill, now would be it. You can contact them here


Pocket is a great tool for saving and organizing webpages, videos, or just about anything of interest to you. If you see something you are interested in reading but don't have the time to, simply save it to pocket and it will be waiting for you when you are ready, on the web so you can access it anywhere. Organize by category for ease of use. Check out Jon Tait's (@teamtait) video detailing how to use Pocket.
Organise Your Online Reading

It's Summer Time.. now what can I do?!

The end of the school year is quickly approaching and I am sure we are all looking forward to recharging our batteries. Here are some great opportunities to refresh and revive yourself professionally over the summer:

1. The annual Best Practices in Physical Education and Health Conference will be held at UWSP on July 23-25th. Be sure to share the pre-conference information on Classroom Brain Breaks with your colleagues - perfect for classroom teachers as well as PE & health educators.

2. Going on a trip somewhere? Download the #Physed podcast. Created by Joey Feith (@joeyfeith) and Nathan Horne (@penathan) this podcast provides teaching ideas, conversation, inspiration, and motivation for all things to do with PE and health. It's free in iTunes.

3. No TV programs to watch? Catch up on the #PHYSedagogy series by Adam Howell (@thedumbjockmyth). In each episode Adam interviews a PE professional, focusing on best practices, current topics, and tips for future professionals. Each episode is 20-25 mins in length and available on youtube. The latest episode is featured below.

#PHYSedagogy Teacher Spotlight: Dr. Ashley Casey -- @DrAshCasey

Monthly Fitness Challenge: Goals!

This months challenge is specific to you! I don't know what it is going to look like because everyone's goals are going to be different BUT as you may already know, explicitly writing down your goal makes it 10x more likely that you will achieve it.

Here's your challenge: Pick 3-6 goals to work towards this month. You can either track your progress using the form on the fitness challenges wiki or try one of the apps listed below. Need ideas? Pick one fitness, one nutrition, and one organizational goal. Then add a fun goal in as well (20 minutes of reading/ quiet time daily?) Check out this infographic for more interesting goal setting stats.

Google Forms - Now with Images!

Google forms just got even better! In last months newsletter there were videos showing how to use google forms. This month you can learn how to add an image to your form to make it more interactive. The possibilities for health and physical educators are endless! Joey Feith (@joeyfeith) has created step by step instructions and pictures (see above) to make it easy to figure out. Click here to visit ThePhysicalEducator.com & learn more!

Grant Opportunity

The Meemic Foundation's grant cycle closes on June 30th 2013. Grants of up to $2500 are available. Apply at http://www.meemicfoundation.com/