Francis "Lightfoot" Lee

Colonial People

Early Life/ Education

  • Francis "Lightfoot" Lee was born on October 14th, 1734 in Westmoreland County, Virginia.
  • Francis was the 4th son of Thomas Lee.
  • He was educated at home by Dr. Craig, here he found his love of reading and became well acquainted with the branches of science and literature.
  • Parents died in 1750, left under care of oldest brother Phillip Rudwell Lee (ended up suing him)

Political Career

  • 1758-1768 Francis was elected to The House of Burgesses as representative of Westmoreland
  • Noted Major Radical
  • Signed Westmoreland Resolve
  • 1769 Elected to The House Burgesses as representative of Richmond county; acquired land in Richmond
  • Elected to represent Virginia in Continental Congress 1775-1779
  • Signed Declaration of Independence 1776

Family Life/Late Life

  • Married Rebecca Tayloe in 1769, received land from her father
  • Never had children, but later adopted Will's three children after he died.
  • "Retired" from politics 1774, to become a farmer and more devout husband
  • Although always remained interested in politics.
  • Rebecca died January 7th, 1797, Francis died 10 days later, January 17th, 1797

Famous Quote

"Im Dumbfounded, but nothing surprises me in this game." Francis Lee