Palmer's Science Second

Weather, Atmosphere.....and an Observatory!

Week in Review

We explored salt water density in the lab this week to better understand the role density plays in our ocean currents. Students also created their 1-pager reviews (an example in the background picture) as a way to wrap-up the unit and prepare for their test. Thursday night several students attended the Austin College Star Gazing Party at the IDEA Observatory and were able to view Orion's Nebula, moon craters, several amazing star clusters. Such a great experience!


Next week is National Engineers Week, which my STEM team will kick off with a trip to SMU Saturday for the annual Visioneering Challenge. In addition, all classes will be participating in engineering challenges each day next week so stay tuned for photos. Also, Thursday night is the Donkey Basketball Game in which I will be competing on the SMS team. Come see the chaos!