Shepard Elementary

Week of September 16, 2019

Ready for September!

Thank you for everyone who came to Sock Hop - It was SO FUN!

BINGO Walk-Throughs are going splendidly - All classroom teachers are participating, but it is your choice where you keep your board. Thank you for being patient with us as we figure out the best efficient and fun way to collect data!

* There may be times we come in your room and nothing matches on the board - that is OK!

* We may mark more than one strategy being observed.

* If we notice that you are predominantly using a strategy that has already been marked off, we may mark it again for our own data tracking.

Look for this app on webdesk: PISD HMH ED

This is a great resource for all of the HMH curriculum and resources online. It contains links to videos and posters/printables, etc... IT IS AMAZING! It should be preloaded on your webdesk, but if you need help finding the app, let me know. 3rd grade is using it already, so they can offer help if you need it!


Week of September 16: Makeup CogAT testing and testing of 4th grade new students and 4th grade students with incomplete score. Dee is out September 17th-20th.

Monday: 5th and 3rd extended planning; Kristin TTESS goal conferences

Tuesday: Kate out at Assistant Principal Leadership Academy

Wednesday: Kristin and Kate out at principal meeting


Friday: Last day for TTESS goal conferences; Chrissy out all day; Vision and hearing screenings in the flex room

Week of September 23:

Monday: Chrissy out all day



Thursday: Chrissy out all day


Mark your calendars:

October 7th at 1:30 PM: Dennis Lee

To Do

1.. Make sure to keep the Safe Schools spreadsheet updated as you complete videos. The next videos are due 10/1/2019 (Youth Suicide and Attendance).

2. Kristin and I are starting walk-throughs for BINGO - Make sure your BINGO cards are hung outside your door!

3. Check out the PISD absence website - tons of information about absence reporting:

4. Make sure you log off your computer or lock it when you are out of your classroom - this is especially important if you have confidential student information on the screen.

September Birthdays!

Looking forward to a fabulous birthday month:

September 27: Andrea Fiero

Big picture