The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

By Kiran Barik

Kiran Barik--Period 2

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

Author- L. Frank Baum

240 pages

Genre- Fantasy

Lexile- 1020L

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Dorothy always lived on the glum plains of Kansas and thought she always would stay there. With only her dog, Dorothy never had an adventure until that one day with the big crazy twister. How she changed you may ask? She used to not value her home in Kansas until she was taken away from it. The longer she stayed in the faraway land the more she realized that home is home and it is the place you love most. She also changed another way. At first, you couldn't see the heart of her shining but as you went farther in the book, you could see she had opened up her heart more. Over all, Dorothy's attitude changed. Even though she was already a nice person her journey made her an even better one.

You may not know much about The Winged Monkeys. Why were they important? That whole legend Baum made up. Why was it important? You know, coming up with all these things take time and AUTHOR'S DON'T WASTE TIME! Well, I will tell you.

Without The Winged Monkeys, Dorothy would have never ever made it to Oz. She would have never known that they can not fly to far away lands. They also carried her over the mountains of the Hammer Heads. Without them this whole book would've came to a HALT! Dorothy would not have been able to return back to Kansas without them. The Winged Monkeys are so important.

The Ending

The ending of this book was predictable. You could tell that she would return back to Kansas somehow. As we all know, good books have good endings. One problem

I had about endings with this book was when you thought it would end it would keep going. Then about 50 pages later when you think it is over it keeps going. i think some of the parts towards the end were unnecessary. Over all, it was not an amazing, mind-blowing ending but was pretty straight forward and you knew that Dorothy and Oz would not have another story. Overall the ending was average.

( Don't get me wrong! The content of this book is amazing!)

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