Factories During The 19th Century

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Work Conditions

Here below is showing the hard working conditions in factories in the 19th century. The workers worked in that conditions many hours a day, what was very boring and they didn't earn much money for their work.
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Age & Salary

There was no minimum age to start working, if you were able to work then you would be in the factory during majority of your life. Men earned almost a dollar a day. Men earned more money then the women due to them be able to work more hours. Women earned more than children.
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work during the industrial revolution was very dangerous and harsh. if you got hurt on the job it was your fault and you suffered the consequences. You got fired because you might have became incapable of working, and didn't receive any indemnification or pay. For example if you were to get your arm chopped off with saw or burned then it was your own fault.
Working Conditions for Women and Children during the Industrial Revolution