The superhero of peace

Her basic true beauty

Hellena is one of the most common elements in the world! Hellena can be found almost anywhere. Since her family is the noble gases she is not reactive with any element which makes her peaceful to all elements. Hellena is very stable and has no smell, taste, color in her natural state. You could say Hellena is harmless.

Hellena basics

What she is made of!


  • Group 18 (the noble gases) Period 1
  • Protons 2, electrons 2, neutrons 2
  • Melting point: -457.6F
  • Boiling point: -451.48F
  • Flame test color is orange peach color
  • Very stable
  • Not a conductor of heat or electricity because its valence band is full and

there is a large gap between this and its conduction band which means that

  • electrons cannot be readily promoted from the fermi level to the conduction
  • what does Hellena sound like?

    The Sound i am producing is by vibration of my vocal cords. Because helium gas is lighter than the usual oxygen/nitrogen blend, it changes the frequency of the human vocal tract, causing a faster vibration and a higher-pitched. Since Hellena is made of helium her voice is like this all the time.

    Her special powers in defeating her enemy

    Helium has many uses but Hellena has one special powers she uses on Dr.NIB (neodymium-iron-boron). When neodymium, iron, and boron combined they make a very powerful magnet. Hellena can cool down the super condition magnets. She is not a destructive element and no harm to the world which makes her peace full!