The Benefits Broadcast

November 2015

November Stats...

4,835 Calls... Avg caller wait time: 8 seconds, Avg Specialist "handle" time: 5:01 minutes

1015 Faxes

3,188 Emails

1698 HRHD Cases in My Hub/PeopleSoft

252 Job Status Changes in Destiny

1009 Worksheets submitted

259 Benefit Termination Letters

53 Evidence of Insurability Applications

71 Leave of Absence Premium Due Invoices

910 Missing Information Letters

In the News...

Facilities on PeopleSoft finished out Annual Enrollment this year on November 30th, with approximately 88.2% of the population completing their elections on time, which is slightly higher, but on par, with the rest of the organization (i.e. Destiny/other systems).

Just a reminder that our Benefits Specialists are not authorized to make exceptions for employees who have failed to complete Annual Enrollment on time, outside of extreme extenuating circumstances, such as the examples below:

  • Employee calls to report they have been hospitalized for the duration of the Annual Enrollment timeline and couldn’t enroll.

  • Employee was on a leave and out of town/away from home for the duration of Annual Enrollment; therefore employee was not at work to see/hear about Annual Enrollment dates, nor at home to receive the enrollment packet mailed by Corporate.

In any instance above (or similar issue) documentation will be required in order to extend an exception to an employee.

Bizarre Trivia of the Day

Pumpkins were once recommended for removing freckles and curing snake bites!