Gender and Idenity

One in the same but mixing water and vinager


I believe that I am an average teenage girl in high school. In school I see my self as an over acheever and strive for greatness. At home I am a daughter and a sister, Im a crazy child that says anything and everything on my mind. For sports I run cross country and throw for track and field, Before In the past I have tried cheerleading, soccor, basketball, and vollyball and almost all of them have failed miserably. Im a kluz to the max but that doesnt stop me.

In the play Twelfth Night, the character Olivia believes that she is a nice, kind, beautiful woman who can do things on her own. Olivia has lost her father and now her brother so she has decided not only to mourn for seven years but to live on her own and not have a man run her life. Olivia genually cares about her servants as proven when Malvolio starts acting mentialy crazy. Also she considers herself nice and kind when she tries to gentely tell Orsino that she doesnt love him. "Let some of my people have a special care of him. I would not have him miscarry for the half of my dowry." (III.IV.56-58). pg.4. THis quote shows that Oliva cares for her servants and there mental state.


I believe that my gender plays alot in how people see me, most people see me as a pretty face who gets everything I want, But in reality I am insecure about my physical apperance and I work hard for the things that I want in life. Society also sees me as a fragil girl who is weak minded but in reality I am not weak minded and will fight for what I believe in.

Olivia is a woman that doesnt want to be involved with men but falls for the new boy in town. Olivia has told everyone that she is going into mourning for seven years but that changes when she meets the new sevant Cesario. Cesario is actually a girl Viola. This brings conflict to the play becasue Olivia has fallen in love with Cesario. Also the fact that Cesario is really a girl brings problems with Orsino becasue he too has feelings for Cesario. Olivia is trying to marry Cesario but he is just pushing him away. Soon Olivia runs into Sebatien who she believes is Cesario Due to the fact that Cesario and Sebatien are twins.


My friends see me as a nerd and childish, those things about me are true but not many of my friends know why I am a nerd and childish. My teachers see me as a smart determined young girl who will do anything to get good grades, Even though this is true I know that they dont see the moments where I feel like giving up. My family has many diffrent perceptions of me, some of my family sees me as funny and goffy, some see me as childish and imature, others see me growing up and becoming more responsible, and most see me as all of that combined. what my family sees me as is all true but I wish that every single one of them could see all of the diffrent sides of me and then judge me.

I believe that others characters in Twelfth Night see Olivia as beautiful, caring, and different. Some believe that Olivia is beautiful like Orsino, Sir Andrew and Malvolio because they are both clearly in love with her. Others think that Olivia is caring like Sir Toby, Maria, and Sebatien due to the fact she has helped them when they needed it. There are some people who believe that Olivia is different like Cesario and the Fool clearly becsue she has chased Cesario wanting his love and the Fool sees that she genually cares about her servants and not many people of her class do. "

Oh, when mine eyes did see Olivia first, Methought she purged the air of pestilence." (I.i.18-19). pg.1. Orsino sees Olivia as a breath of fresh air that is just so beautiful.

Similarities and Differences

Olivia and I are similar in a few ways. We both have agreeded not to be in relationships. Also we both are bold, Olivia is not affraid to let Cesario know her feelings toward him and I am the same way. If I see a cute boy at the mall I will not give it a second thought to go up to him and let him know.

Olivia and I are different in a few ways aswell. We both decieded not to be in relationships but our reasons are quite diffrent, Olivia is mouring over her brother but I just think relationships are over rated. Also I have yet to go fangirl over the new kid in town unlike Olivia.