BCHS Spectrum Club

Feb 2015- present


Feb, 2015

Founding Adults: Erin Luong (Counsellor BCHS), Erin Boppre (teacher BCHS) Neil, O'Flaherty (principal BCHS), Brad Sanesh (Religious Ed consultant CCSD, ) Jane Spice (school nurse)

Founding Student Executives:

Carly LeCocq (Grade 12), Julya Vandersloot (Grade 12), Claire Hunter (Grade 11), Sara Czerwonka (Grade 11)


Student Executives:

Claire Hunter (Grade 12), Sara Czerwonka (Grade 12), Colby Lindeburg (Grade 12), Olivia Quinn (Grade 11), Emma Quinn (Grade 11)

2016- 2017

Student Executives:

Olivia Quinn (Grade 12), McKinnley Masson (aka Milo or Jonah, Grad 11), Gabby Torres Martinez


Student Executives

McKinnley Masson (aka Milo or Jonah, Grad 12), Bjarne Meyer (Grade11)

Creating a Culture of Caring - 2015

- One of our first major projects was the "We Don't Say" Campaign originated in Duke University. Our students chose the phrases, and modeled in Carroll apparel . We also introduced the hashtag #carrollculture to our school community.

We Don't Say 2.0

Our 2nd campaign was a collaborative effort between the Spectrum, Mental Wellness, Whose Frank and Photography clubs. Our campaign was share both online, in poster form and as part of the BCHS student made coloring book.

The BCHS 3rd Annual “WE DON’T SAY ” Campaign

The 2017 campaign was launched during the Bishop Carroll 4th annual Mental Health Symposium

Art Therapy Based Projects

In Spring 2016 the Spectrum Club applied for and was granted a DEHR grant. We used our money to purchase art supplies for a number of different art based, personal exploration projects.
Trees of Hope

Mrs. Spellman Cann, Mrs. Luong and Ms. Stacey led our first art project in June 2016

We All Wear a Mask

Our Decemeber 2016 project

Heart of a Community

Our February 2017 project

Particpating as part of the Bishop Carroll Mental Health Symposium

Guest Speakers

  • Fr. Christino and Brad Sanesh - April 2015 - Exploring Myth vrs Fact in Catholic Teachings.
  • Brian Burke- You Can Play presentation to the whole school Sept 2016
  • Spectrum Alumni- coming back and discussing university vrs high school
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