Code Of Ethics

By Emily Jennings


When you take the blame for something thing or you don't lie about what you did. Honestly is always the best policy. If you get caught for lying about something then you could get in big trouble
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Responsibility - At school, home or work

doing your homework for class, keeping all your papers together and at home it's doing your chores, and listing to your parents. Being responsible can help you with school work and your parents will trust you more and not treat you like your 5 and some parents by even reward you with money.
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when you have to ability to do something that might scare you and you are willing to face your fear.
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When you are able to keep something a secret and keep it to yourself, NOT telling anyone.
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to have integrity you must be just a good person, not brag about what you have but yet still are confident, doing stuff you know is good and your don't need a reason to.
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