Health Education

Drug Awareness and Abuse (9th grade)

North Carolina Essential Standards Health Education — High School

  • 9.ATOD.1 Understand the health risks associated with alcohol, tobacco, and other drug use
  • 9.ATOD.1.2 Analyze the role of family, community, and cultural norms in deciding to use alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs.

Video Explanation

I give you a brief explanation of my resources and the information on this flyer.

Literacy Resources

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Savage, W. (2012). New steps pediatricians can take to reduce substance abuse. Retrieved from

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Explanation of Resources

I chose these resources because they work together to meet the standards and objectives of my lesson. It is important to use various formats of literacy to engage students. It is also vital for comprehension. Many students learn best through visuals and auditory components and I feel my lesson will fulfill their needs. This lesson focuses on teaching 9th grade students about drug awareness and drug abuse. The picture book I chose helps paint a picture of a town overrun by cocaine use and shows how different people are affected. The informational text I chose teaches students more about drug abuse and how people can recover from it. It is science-based and students will learn a lot from this text. I also chose two web-based resources that show real-life teens who struggle with addiction and how their addiction began. I believe the videos and text in these resources will be engaging to students and also a source they will be able to relate to. Finally, I chose one graphic that was simple, but really showed what continued drug abuse can lead to. My hope is that all of the literacy resources combined together will create an engaging and thought-provoking discussion that will get my students thinking about drug abuse and the negative outcomes of abusing drugs.