Act 4 Scene 5

Helen Vo

Summary of Act 4 scene 5

In the beginning of the scene, the nurse was sent to wake Juliet up but found Juliet "dead" on her bed. Lady Capulet heard the Nurse yell and realized that Juliet was dead too. Lord Capulet entered the scene and was calling Juliet to come to the wedding but he saw that Juliet was dead and said that it was the wrong time for Juliet to die. Lord Capulet verified that Juliet was dead and laid rosemary on Juliet and announced the wedding was changed to a funeral and Friar Lawrence tries to consul the family.
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A Great Big World, Christina Aguilera - Say Something

Why I chose this song

I chose this song because the lyrics described how Lady Capulet, Lord Capulet, and the nurse felt when they saw Juliet's dead body. Also, the lyrics related to the nurse and Lady Capulet's reaction in this scene because of how the two started to yell loudly at Juliet's death, and hopefully wake her up. The lyrics related to Lord Capulet and the scene too because when Lord Capulet was talking, he was describing how he loves Juliet even though a couple hours ago he wanted Juliet dead.