Friday Focus

Moreau Heights Elementary

April 5

Our Mission

The Moreau Heights family is committed to providing a positive and safe learning environment to support responsible and productive citizens.

What We Model Is What We Get!

How do we embody these characteristics found in the very best teachers?

  • model a love for learning
  • value personal and trusting relationships
  • extremely passionate
  • empathetic
  • model risk-taking and encourage students to do the same
  • flexible and make adjustments based on student feedback
  • recognize learning goes both ways
  • focus on what students are doing, not what they aren't doing
  • teach kids, not content
  • have students tell them were they are so they know where to build
  • strive to be the best for their students
  • see students as partners
  • prepare assignments as if they were for themselves
  • aim to figure out what is going on with each student so as to better understand them and their thinking
  • push students and their thinking and encourage them to strive for greatness
  • understand that the kids who frustrate them them most as the kids who need them the most.
  • believe all kids are good

Big picture

PBS lesson

Our behavior data shows the greatest need is student defiance. Our lessons over the quarter will focus on skills that support student's following adult directions, even when it's hard.

The PBS lesson focus this week is review of appropriate responses - "yes," "ok," or just do it.

Our Second Steps. . .

Lesson 23 is where we have each classroom paced on lessons:

Kindergarten- Handling having things taken away

Grades 1-5, if on schedule, have finished all lessons in the sequence. This would be a great time to revisit lessons that are topics your students are still struggling with.

Celebrate the Positive!

Positive office referrals in 2019: 298

Have you kept an eye out for the positive choices by students? Have you written a positive referral to recognize a student doing a great job?

Character Trait for April is Accountable

Big picture
JCPS Difference Maker Recognition

Have a colleague who you would like to see recognized for making a positive difference? Here is the link to complete a nomination.

Morning Gym Duty

Jerry Ries

Briana Watson

Lindsey Hammann

Crystal Albers

Calendar of Events

Monday, April 8

*Marty Huitt visit all day

*MO IEP (Hutchison, Day/Haugen, Cremin, Reece, Ewing/Gragg) 3:40

Tuesday, April 9

*Intruder Drill

*Marty Huitt meeting with grade level teams

*CH IEP (Gragg, Haugen, Hammann) 10:15

Wednesday, April 10

*Specials Collaboration 7:45-8:15

*HD IEP (Connelly, Haugen/Day, Lock, Cremin, Hammann, Humphreys) 10:00

*HL IEP (Basinger, Hutchison, Haugen/Day, Ewing, Love) 1:20

*NA staffing (James, Jungmeyer, Spear, Hutchison, Haugen/Day, Strange)2:15

*KJ 504 (James, Mantle, Haugen/Day, Treat) 3:45

Thursday, April 11

*Enloe and Rowden visit MH

*Principal mtg 12-3:30

*KH IEP (Hutchison, Spear, Haugen, Schell) 3:45

Friday, April 12

*Mid-terms go home

*CG IEP (Vignola, Haugen, Lueckenhoff, Hammann, Lock, Steuber, Humphreys) 10:00

*RL staffing (Day, James, Steinman, Gragg) 10:15

*Shannon at Counselor mtg 2:00

Monday, April 15

*CN IEP (Ewing, Haugen/Day, Albers, Hutchison) 3:45

Tuesday, April 16

*ELA MAP Testing grades 3, 4, 5

*Tier 2 mtg 3:45

Wednesday, April 17

*ELA MAP Testing grades 3, 4, 5

*JB service plan (Steinman, Ewing, Haugen/Day) 10:15

*AW staffing (Strange, James, Hutchison, Holliday, Day/Haugen) 2:15

*Staff mtg 3:45

Thursday, April 18

*ELA testing 4th grade

*NA staffing (Strange, James, Hutchison, Holliday, Day/Haugen, Spear, Jungmeyer) 3:45

*Spring Sing/Art Show/Ice Cream Social 5:30 - 8:00

Friday, April 19

*PBS Assemblies 8:30/9:40

*3 hour early dismissal 12:15

MAP Spirit Week

Monday - You got this! No sweat! (wear sweatpants/work-out attire)

Tuesday - You’re gonna hit it out of the park! (baseball day)

Wednesday - You’re gonna rock the test! (80’s dress)

Thursday - You’re going places! (College attire)

Friday - We are CHARGERS! Hear us Roar! (wear your Charger attire/red)
Weekly Collaboration Log

This is the link to a revised communication log for your team collaboration. The expectation is that your team will complete each week.

Dr. Day's Update

Test Taking Tips

We all know that testing can create anxiety in students. To help eliminate that stress, work to help students with strategies to approach the test in a confident way. Typically you’d begin the year teaching these strategies, but it’s not too late to use some of these to help students approach the MAP test and even our last round of iReady assessments.

Below are some tips that you can share with your students to work on eliminating some of that anxiety so students are confident as they begin taking an assessment.

  • Always follow directions closely.

  • Read the entire question and all the answer choices before choosing an answer.

  • Check your work carefully to make sure all questions were answered.

  • If you don’t know the answer, flag the question and come back to it later.

  • Go over 4 different ways to work problems that are challenging.

    • Predict It - Read the question and decide the answer BEFORE looking at the answer choices. Then pick the correct answer.

    • Eliminator - Eliminate the odd balls, distractors, and answers that are obviously wrong.

    • Be a Detective - Read the question, then look back through the text or the question for context clues to help figure out the answer.

    • Guess Smartly - When you’ve tried everything you can and you are still stuck, pick something that makes the most sense. Make sure it isn’t something you’ve eliminated.

BEFORE you begin giving the assessment, take some time to go over these with students each day. Remind them to take some deep breaths and really think about what they need to do. It’s okay to flag a question and come back to it later.


  • Students are not to bring toys to school unless there is a special earned day. We have many students with toys out in the gym in the am that is causing some issues with arguments and sharing. Please have a conversation with students about leaving toys at home.
  • When testing begins, students must be completely silent in the hallways at all times. Students will be pulled for testing in various parts of the building and may go past the scheduled times. Use next week to practice with your class what this should look and sound like.
  • Please make sure you are turning your minor sheets in to Jeanne EVERY WEEK. We have many that have not turned in a sheet for several weeks. We want to make sure we are keeping accurate data. Thanks for your help with this!

March/April Birthdays

Theresa Schell - April 3

April Steinman - April 7

Whitney Boeckman - April 13

Katie Spear - April 30