Eternal Rest Funeral Home

Celebrate Life

Cherish Memories

Whether you are interested in burial or cremation, let our family take the burden off your family.

Little things that make big differences

  • Beautiful, spacious rooms
  • Cafeteria-style gathering area with microwave and refrigerator
  • Aftercare resources and referrals
  • Personalize & customize the service through poems, eulogy, music, etc.
  • Large selection of caskets and urns


We understand that most do not make prior arrangements for their funeral, but by doing so will relieve a lot of stress from family members and provide a piece-of-mind.
Pre-plan today and let one of our expert funeral advisers assist in:
  • What type of funeral you would like to have
  • Other funeral events including visitation, reception, or religious mourning events
  • Specify pallbearers and who will deliver the eulogy and other readings
  • Which, if any, charitable organizations to donate in memory of you


Family members can be a great support system and the death of a loved one may bring many family members together. However, the loss of a loved one may also bring out hostility during times of heightened emotions. Many people struggle when coping with loss and their emotions may get the best of them. Feelings of jealousy, greed and responsibility may surface in these tense situations and funerals have the ability to tear families apart.

With large families, it may be difficult to incorporate everyone's preferences or personal wishes into a funeral. It is also difficult to come to a decision when everyone has a different opinion on "exactly how their loved one would have wanted".

At Eternal Rest Funeral Home, our family is dedicated to assist all family members and to help create the best funeral experience. Our grief counselor is available six days a week from 9 a.m to 5 p.m to meet with family members or friends to help cope with grief and mourning. By this additional service, we hope to turn the loss of a loved one into a positive experience remembered by all.


Another challenge families face during this difficult time may be incorporating the many religions or beliefs other family members may have or planning a funeral outside of their own culture. Each culture has their own traditions and customs when it comes to dying and burials.
We offer multicultural funeral traditions and are happy to help carry out your family member's wishes for his or her funeral services.


Planning a funeral is very costly, especially when families are forced to finance one suddenly. According to the National Funeral Directors Association, in 2012, the average cost for an adult funeral was $7,775, which doesn't include cemetery costs.
We offer funeral financing with a 0% interest rate for the first 12 months.