22 students make $574 in 2 days!?!?

By: Suhavi Bambrah

A class in the school by the name of Fletcher's Creek Senior Public School hosted an incredible fundraiser on March 10th and March 12th 2015. In just two days class 706 raised over $500 for "The Knights Table", the charity helps the homeless in Canada. The fundraiser was called "The Hob Spectacular" and was hosted by 22 students and their teacher.
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For a preview of "The Hob Spectacular" the class created a cart which contained sneak previews of items from the hob which was pushed around the school to other classes where other students could buy the items, the cart was pushed around by 3 students named Rishma, Jaslin, and Jamar. They made approximately $20 which would also be given to charity.
"The Hob Spectacular" was a bake sale/garage sale/arcade. The class sold delicious baked goods like cake, cupcakes, hot chocolate, spring rolls, pani poori, and much more. Class 706 also had various arcade games like "The Training Center" (where you tossed darts at a dartboard for ¢25), "The Wheel Of Chance" ( you spin the wheel 3 times for ¢50), "21" (a card game).
The students were inspired by the novel "The Hunger Games", in the book there is a "Hob" where citizens of district 12 can trade goods, class 706 wanted to re-create that with the help of their teacher Mr.McCready, and they did. None of it would be possible without their principle Ms.Fowlie giving them permission to make it all happen.

Here are some quotes from some students that were involved in "The Hob Spectacular". "It was a time to understand that earning money takes time and effort and is not an easy thing"-Jaslin Chana, " It was fun and very organized"-Amani Sloley, "10/10 it was so fun and awesome to do"-Harsimar Khushdil, "It was a great experience to learn how to work"-Nelson Sam, " It was good that we are giving money to charity"-Abdul Reheem Siddiqui.

Each student played a character in the hob, security guards, cashiers, bakers, hosts. Each and every student in 706 was important in the making of "The Hob Spectacular", they could not have done what they have done without everyone.
In the end class 706 exceeded their goal of $300 by raising $574 for the homeless in Canada. Everyone was important in the hob especially the classes that sacrificed 20 minutes of their class time to come to "The Hob Spectacular". " It was great to see that our class collaborated so well to create something amazing"-Suhavi Bambrah