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Surface and Subsurface examples

Examples of surface mining: Strip Mining: Is removing a layer of a mineral. They mine the coal with tar sand. They typically use large machines.

Open Pit mining: Taking out minerals from an open pit.

Mountain Top Removal: A new type of coal mining. Mining all around a mountain top.

Examples Subsurface Mining:

Slope: uses a sloped shaft that transports coal.

Drift: Done on a side of a hill. Passageway in a mine following a bed of coal.

Shaft: Vertical tunnel with no access to the bottom of the mine.

Subsurface mining effects the environment by toxic water that can flow out of the mine into rivers and streams that will effect drinking water.

surface mining effects: can cause air polution

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two types of mining are:

Surface Mining: digging out minerals on the surface of the earth.

Subsurface Mining: digging out minerals farther underground


Fracking is drilling into the ground at high pressure putting a chemical into the rock that puts out gas.

Fracking is done by water being mixed with sand and chemicals to and its injected into a pipe and sent into earth.

Effects on the environment from fracking is that is can contaminate the drinking water. It could also release harmful compounds to create acid rain.