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Listening Tool

Listening is an essential skill that we need in all areas of life.

Did you know listening goes beyond just using your ears? Toolbox believes listening is a full body experience that includes your ears, eyes and heart.

When we use our whole body to listen, we are able to gain better understanding into what is trying to be communicated. We are able to consider other non-verbal messages that are being communicated such as tone of voice, body language and behavior. This creates a deeper understanding and connection to others and builds our capacity for empathy.

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Books to learn more about the Listening Tool

Listening Tool
Toolbox Listening Tool
Be a Whole Body Listener | Jack Hartmann
Listening Journal

Wildcat Listening Tool and Active Listening Highlights from our Middle School Counselor Mrs. Worden

Listening Skill Exercise #1

Write three examples of how we can be active listeners during Distance Learning, and three examples of how we can derail class during Distance Learning. Share.

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Listening Exercise #2

What does it mean to you to be an active listener? Share in one word what active listening means to you.

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Active Listening: How To Communicate Effectively
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