Perseverance Leads to Success

Gracy Chouhan

A Dream Goes to "Waste"

Houston, Texas did not have a recycling program. The wasteland was getting bigger and the environment was getting worse. Laura Beth Moore, only a 12 year old, saw this problem and wanted to do something about it. First, she tried asking the city employees. They all either didn't pick up or told her to have an adult call. Then, she asked them through letters but always got rejected. Even after all this, she didn't give up, she prepared a petition and got hundreds of signatures, but still was told no. Next, she went to private recycling businesses but even they didn't take a 12 year old seriously. Finally, she realized that she herself would have to create her own recycling program. She worked hard for the whole summer and even got a little help from adults and had the recycling program at the local school. The first collection happened in 1991, and hundreds of residents dropped of their recyclable trash. after a few months, she started using her own $20 per month allowance for the program. The recycling program went well and the mayor wanted more similar recycling programs in Houston because of her too. Laura proved that if you don't give up, you can achieve whatever you want no matter how hard it seems

Rudy's fight to make his dreams come true

Rudy Ruettiger always wanted to play football at Notre Dame, but he doesn't have the money or good grades for a scholarship. When his best friend that always supported him died in an accident in a steel mill, he drops everything and heads straight to South Bend, Indiana right after the funeral. Although he was rejected many times, he persevered and got help from others.He also got tutored by a new friend D-Bob. While being tutored, Rudy finds out that he has dyselxia, which is why he had so much trouble with school before. Knowing that he has dyslexia, Rudy finds a way to overcome it and becomes a better student. After all of his hard work he gets into Notre Dame, and his dream that he had since such a young age finally came true.

The Sweet Smell of Success

John was a really rich and successful person who had everything anyone could want, but he was still unhappy. He wan't ungrateful, but he had a dream to have his very own nut cart. He dropped everything he had and set off to have a glazed nuts cart. Even though at the start he got rejected and didn't get a lot of money, he kept trying and his business got a little bigger. Even after this, John didn't really have much. He introduced his glazed nuts to bigger companies and got turned away because they didn't think it was a good idea. He went to Disney's company and brought in the nuts. The smell of the nuts got the employee's attention and the taste got his cart in Disney parks. John's determination got him from being successful and being sad to being successful and being happy.

Words failed him

Tom, now a huge millionare had polio, turboclusis, and was illiterate. He kept all of this from his kids his whole life. Being a millionare and really successful, he told his kids and got help. Because he got help he imprroved and learned to read, write, and understand things more. As a result of not telling his kids and getting help earlier, he couldn't do a lot of things in his lifetime. Tom's story shows that the cause of hiding disabilities can have a really bad effect.
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