By Kevin He

All about me

Hi, my name is Nathan Nitrogen and my symbol is N.

I was discovered in 1772.

My job is non-metal.

I have 7 protons, 7 neutrons, and 7 electrons.

I am in the Pnictogon family.

My friends are Phil Phosphorous, Adam Arsenic, Alan Antimony, and Bob Bismuth.

My density is 1026 kg m-3

My melting point is 63.05 [or -210.1 °C (-346.18 °F)] K and my boiling point is

77.36 [or -195.79 °C (-320.42 °F)] K.

I am colorless, I have no luster, and my crystal structure is hexagonal.

I am also flammable in oxygen or air.

Some more stuff about me

My atomic number is 7 and my atomic mass is 14.007.

My family and I have the same amount of valence electrons, 5.

We are mildly reactive.

Who discovered me and where I am found

Daniel Ruthorford and Carl Scheele both discovered me.

Daniel Ruthorford discovered me by removing carbon dioxide and oxygen from air and found a new gas. Carl Scheele absorbed oxygen using a mixture of sulfur and iron with burning phosphorous and found an unknown gas also known as me!

I am found in various places such as air, earth's crust, and in the earth's atmosphere.

What I can do

I can make a lot of different compounds. Three of them are Nitric Oxide (NO),Nitrogen trichloride (NCl3), and Nitrogen triiodide (NI3).

I am commonly used in fertilizer, explosives (nitroglycerin), and "laughing gas" (anesthetic).

I love having 5 electrons. It is like the perfect number. Our lunch table has a decent amount of people and it isn't too empty or full.


  1. Nitrogen makes up around 78% of the air you breathe
  2. The human body contains about 3% nitrogen, making it the fourth most prevalent element after oxygen, carbon, and hydrogen
  3. Nitrogen is required to build amino acids.