What are puppy mills? A business that breeds puppys for sale. Doesn't sound that bad, but the conditions that they are treated in is just a nightmare. Unfortunately, puppy mills are legal, in most cases. As long as they have the basics : food, water, and shelter. No love. Which is kind of hard to live without. These animals have their whole life spent in cages, CONSTANTLY pregnant with the next batch of puppies, ready for pet stores. Just because of the conditions of the place they live in, filled with their months old poop and just... disgust, the dogs die younger than the average age. Right after the the newborns are born, they are immediately brought to their buyer. Which leaves no time for the mother to give milk and care for their babies, making it very unhealthy for the newborns. Its just horrible to see these dogs live the lives they live, especially if your a dog lover. So I say, take a stand and help these animals. Its an unnecessary operation because most of the dogs in the world now are homeless and need homes. We dont need no more dogs in the world until all of them have homes. Help them. Please. BE A HERO!