Meadow Creek Monday Message

May 2, 2016

Meadow Creek’s mission is to promote learning by challenging all to reach their potential

in a safe, nurturing environment by communicating, collaborating and congratulating!

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!

Thank you for all that you do each and every day! You have a very hard job but do such important work. You are helping each of your students grow and learn and become great people. Your rewards are small and not nearly enough so I am glad we have this week to say THANK YOU!

PTA has several special events to say thank you this week....

Please be sure to sign up for the free pampering on Tuesday. The sign in sheet is behind Diane's desk.

They will provide lunch for us all on Wednesday and then it's dress up day on Thursday!

It is jeans day every day this week!

Thank you for being such amazing teachers!


If you bring a jar of peanut butter and a jar of jelly to Leslye by Thursday, May 8, you will get a week of jeans day to say thank you! The peanut butter and jelly will go to the HEB Food Bank.

Since May 9, 10 and 11 will be jeans' days because of testing. We will declare Thursday, May 12, Friday, May 13, Monday, May 16, Tuesday, May 17, and Wednesday, May 18 as the "week for the jeans week for bringingg the PB&J.

Progress Reports

Be sure that your grades are in by 8:00 Monday morning. Peggy will run progress reports to go home on Monday. with the students

If you have any student who has a failing grade in math, reading or their core average, you must email me this information by this Friday, May 6.

Any students who is failing in these areas will need to be considered for retention. We will meet as a committee to discuss each student.

You should have kept the parents well informed about failing grades and the possibility of retention throughout the year. Conference forms are the best place to document these conversations.

4th grade Pancake Day

4th grade will be working on their annual pancake project on Thursday, May 5. They will be combining math skills and reading comprehension to create delicious pancakes.

4th grade will be switching their PEFA time with 3rd grade on Thursday.

End of Year Dates

As we get closer to the end of the year and ending dates for certain programs are determined, we will keep you updated here.


All books due back - April 30

Students will need to use classroom books or books from home for STAAR testing days.

Computer Lab...

Backup will start May 16

Reimaging will start on May 25

All technology will be moved off campus on May 26

Last day to use COWS, I Pads and Computer labs is May 20


Inventory will start May 19

Copier and Pepsi Machine will be moved on May 27

Check Out For the Summer...

All keys turned in, laptops signed back out, cum files updated, rooms cleared, items packed on May 26

Summer Packing

Everyone should have their first 20 boxes. If you need more now, please let us know. If you have extra boxes, let us know and we will come and get them to you. We will hold off on getting you the gondolas for a few weeks.

Remember you may use your grade level closets, cabinets and lockers to store things. You cannot store things in the classroom restroom, the walls in these room swill be painted. You will need to empty bookcases and cabinets that will be moved out. You do not have to pack vertical filing cabinets. You have to pack horizontal filing cabinets. You will want to take home anything that is valuable, important or easily breakable.

Start cleaning and purging now so you have more room to use the space in your rooms.

We can do this!

Parents Email

It will be very important that we have a current and correct email for all of our families that will be returning to us. The on-line registration will use the email that we currently have in our computer. The best way to find out if we have a correct one is if they get the Friday Flyer each week. Using your email group, in the next week or so, can you ask families to contact the office if they are not receiving the Friday Flyer. If they are not, please ask them to notify the office so we can verify their email we have in the computer. Please let them know that we are checking so that they will be able to receive the information about on-line registration this summer.

Thank you!

Black and Blue Run For Hope

WE are starting to form the best team in the land! Be a part of the Meadow Creek team on Saturday, May 14 for the Black and Blue Run for Hope! You can run, walk, skip or stroll on the 1 Mile, 5K or 10K! Go to to sign up today!

The school with the most team members ( students teachers, husbands, friends, neighbors or family members) will win $1,000 for their school. We won last year! Let's repeat!! Tell your students, tell your friends that it is a very fun event and the proceeds go to a great cause!

Registration Information

Please put these dates on your calendar!

Returning student registration is Wednesday, July 27 from 2 pm to 7 pm. Late returning student registration is Tuesday, August 2 form 8 am to 5 pm.

All returning families will complete registration on-line prior to coming to registrations. Families will verify the information they have put into the computer and bring proof of residency to registration.

We will need someone from each grade level to help us on these days so be sure to let Peggy know who from your team can help.

New student registration is on Wednesday, August 3 from 2 pm to 7 pm. This is not done on-line.

More information about on-line registration will be sent home with families before the end of school.

Chapter 3: Structuring and Delivering Your Lesson

Technique 15: Circulate Part 2

Circulate is a technique for moving strategically around your room during all parts of your lesson. We talk about "proximity" - getting near students to stress accountability and eliminate behavioral problems - but teachers often expect proximity to magically work of its own accord. They know to move toward trouble but are not always as confident in knowing how to maximize its benefits and what to do when they get there.

Full Access Required: Not only must you be able to break the plane, but you must have full access to the entire room. You must be able to simply and naturally stand next to any student in your room at any time and be able to get anywhere in your room easily and simply without interrupting your teaching.

This is the only way to own the room. If you can't, students will quickly establish a "no fly zone" that they know is safely insulated from your influence. If you have to shuffle, drag backpacks, move chairs and say excuse me to get to the back corner, then you are asking permission of the students and they own the space, not you. Keep your passageways wide and clear; find a better place for backpacks; seat your students in pairs so you can stand directly next to anyone at anytime.

More to come next week.....

From: Teach Like A Champion


Students should not be sent in the hall as a disciplinary purpose or to complete work. Please use a buddy room for a place for students.

As you clean out cupboards, please do not put things you don't want in the lounge. You can let people know you have things in your room that you are giving away that they can come and look at but then feel free to take to Goodwill or the trash.

If you work on the weekends, please be sure to take your trash outside to the dumpster. Please do not leave your trash in the halls or in the cafeteria.

Be sure to call or text me at 817-454-6554 if you are going to be out for any reason.

If you leave anytime during the day or before 3:45, be sure that you are signing in and out with the Positive Proof system in the office.


April 15 - Rebecca Myers

April 19 - Candice Cooper

April 21 - Ashley Harris

April 24 - Michelle Pepper

April 25 - Stephanie Hines

April 26 - Donna Taldo

April 30 - Kelli Bedunah

Professional Development

Information about the August Professional Development will be coming your way this week.

Be sure that you have registered for your session before our last day. You will need to print our your confirmation that you have registered as part of your end of the year check out.

Important Dates

May 2 - Kindergarten Kick Off 6:30 PM

May 3 - 5th grade Field Trip to McCormick Park

May 4 - 6th grade immunization clinic

May 5 - 4th grade Pancake Day

May 5 - 1st grade Spanish Immersion presentation

May 6 - Grades due for progress reports

May 9 - STAAR testing - Closed Campus

May 10 - STAAR testing - Closed Campus

May 11 - STAAR testing - Closed Campus

May 12 - Meadow Creek PTA Meeting

May 14 - Black and Blue Run

May 16 - Westward Ho 5th Grade

May 16 - Skating with Skinner - Skatetown 6:00 to 8:00 PM

May 17 - 4th grade trip to Austin

May 17 - 3rd grade Reading Restaurant

May 19 - Meadow Creek Retirement Reception at Old Bedford School