Crucible Act One

Character chart

Arthur Miller

Auther of the Crucible. He was deterimined, and his rough childhood brought out the hard working Mr. Miller. Smart, talented man, wrote his first play in college. Married to Marilyn Monroe. He simpithyzed for communist views.


Was accused of being a witch in Salem. The Puritan people blamed their misfourtune on the devil slave from barbados


A young character based on someone in Salem during the witch trails

17 pretty

Salem and red scare


1940's-50's-red scare

Betty Paris

Rev. Paris daughter

she is 10 yrs old

REV. Samual Paris

middle 40's

Lives in Salem

He was a bad man

was a widower and didnt like children

merchant in barbados

Thomas Putnam

wealthy person in Salem and held a gruge agasint fransis nurse for preventing his brother from becomeing minister

Mrs Ann Putnam

given birth to 8 children and only 1 servived (Ruth) the other seven died after a day and Ann beleves they died from supernatural causes

Mercy Lewis

One of the girls abigails group (abigails friends)

Merry Warren

Servant of the procter house hold

she is also a groups of abigails girls

she is timid and easly influnced

JOHN Procter

Local Farmer and live right outside town

stern and harsh hates hypocracy (affair with abigail)

Giles corey

elderly but fiesty famous for his tendancy to file lawsuits

Rebecca Nurse

Married to fransis

wise and sensible

respected by salem community