Paperless Classroom

Yes, It can be done!

Imagine not running to the copier. It is easy if you try. No printing to be done. Above us, in the Cloud, only files.

Ok, so that is a lame attempt to parody Imagine by John Lennon. The idea of a paperless classroom is not.

Tree 1: So how do students hand in assignments in a paperless classroom? Kids gotta show their work on something.

Tree 2: If a teacher created assignments in a Word document, PowerPoint or Excel sheet, they can be uploaded into Google Docs. Teachers can share the folder with their students. Click here to find out how.

When students create in Google Docs, they can easily share items with their teacher. To avoid lost files and clutter, click here for the steps to create a shared folder between the student and their teacher.

iPad: What about using iPads? If a teacher uploads files like Word docs or workbook pages to SchoolWeb or Edmodo, can't students access files from there and edit on their device?

Tree 2: Sure, but they will need an app if the file is in a PDF. GoodNotes (the free one) is a free app that will allow students to "write" on a PDF file. Once they are done, the student can export their "answered" document into Google Drive which will allow the file to be saved and shared in the methods mentioned above. UPad lite is another app that will write over PDFs too.

Tree 1: It sounds like a lot of work. Face it, us trees are doomed.

Tree 2: You are wrong, Sad Tree. Teachers and kids are clever! A little time spent upfront learning the steps will save a lot of time and resources later. They really do care. We just need to teach them how to use the tools they have.

iPads + Google Drive= A Paperless Utopia

Students with iPads can get in on the paperless movement too. Students can use their devices to share with their teacher and one another. Click here for ideas and special iPad directions.

Even a Kindergarten teacher is making the change!

Check out this blog: Purely Paperless

You may say I'm a dreamer but I'm not the only one. Perhaps one day you'll join us and the world will live as one. -John Lennon