My Culture

By: Tiffany Dunning

Where I came from...

My dads side of the family is Irish and Cherokee Indian. Although I come from a few different backgrounds, my family and I practice American beliefs.
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Our Life

My family is what you would consider a nuclear family, it's just my dad, my mom, and me. America is mostly a patriarchal society, but my family is neither matriarchal or patriarchal, my parents share the responsibilities around the house. We speak English (like 90% of America) and just like 75% of America, we consider ourselves Christians and go to a Baptist church every Sunday morning and I go every Wednesday night.
Religions in the US

Christianity is still the largest religion in all states, but this map will show you the second largest religion in each state.


America has become a very impersonal society. Most communication is no longer done in person, but through technology. America is overrun with technology like cell phones, laptops, tablets and plenty more.

Gender Roles

Gender roles are based on what society considers normal and in America men are seen as strong, masculine and dominant; while women are considered nurturing, passive and submissive. Women have been fighting for quite a while to change society's view on them, women want to be treated equal and not be seen as weak.

Eating Habits/Food

When I think of American food, i think fast, greasy and delicious. Americans love fatty foods that are awful for you but taste amazing (the reason for our obesity problem). My family doesn't eat out much but when we do, it is normally at a fast food place because they are very convenient. Americans like to eat whatever they want and then not exercise as much as we should.

Health Issues

There are many health issues in America, including diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and obesity. These diseases kill thousands of people every year. My family has had issues with all of them and even though there have been many lifesaving medical advancements in America, a cure for cancer is not one of them.


Americans enjoy many different kinds of entertainment, from sports and music to plays and amusement parks. Some of the most popular watched sports are football, baseball, basketball, soccer, and even badminton. Americans spend many hours a day on social media or sitting on a couch watching tv. Some of the biggest social media networks are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, tumblr, and Pinterest. Music is another big entertainment in America, there many different types of music and thousands of artists/groups.