Where is Middle Earth?

The Balkan States, Germany, and The Alps. By: Harrison Greco


Why choose the Alps, Balkan States, and Germany? It is very close to the setting of the Hobbit and Lord Of the Rings. The European Plains to the Alps or the pine forests of Germany, it could be described as "Middle Earth". It seems to cover for the Plains of Rohan, the Misty Mountains, and the pine forests found widely in Middle Earth. The variety of languages spoken in these locations also represents the different languages of the elves, humans, and all of the other mind-blowing races Tolkien created. The culture isn't far off either. While there are no wizards or dwarfs making hobbits sign contracts and waivers, there are still the medieval sights from over 750 years ago like castles. There are still the farms and farmers doing the same thing their ancestors did long ago. There are similar hobbies in the listed areas from way back when just like in the Hobbit such as travelling , horseback riding , and practicing sword play.


Why would these regions be a better choice than other region, especially New Zealand? New Zealand lacks the climate of colder winters which Germany, the Alps, and the Balkan States all have. Plus, these countries and regions together form the geographical locations found in Middle Earth. Think about it. The pine forests of Germany is Mirkwood. The hills and fields of the Balkan States are Rohan and the Shire. The Alps are the Misty Mountains. Need further convincing? The culture and languages in these regions resembles the everyday life from the Shire all the way to Gondor. Ancient Europe with it's medieval history with epic battles and castles, it could truly be Middle earth.


Counter Claim

This region is the best choice for where Middle earth would really be. The culture and history of these regions resembles the medieval world of Middle Earth. The many languages spoken in these regions represent the many tongues of the inhabitants of Middle Earth. Even the landscape is not so different from J.R.R.'s world.


Overall the landscape, languages, and culture of Middle Earth is very similar to that of the Balkan States, Germany, and the Alps from when knights and kings had still ruled the land. Tolkien's world consists of these regions, and when these areas are arranged they form Middle Earth. Every thing from climate to culture, these areas are the spinning image of Middle Earth