Pearl Harbor

by anonymous

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The attack on pearl harbor was an air strike by Japan against the U.S. at Pearl Harbor. It was meant to be a surprise and cripple the pacific fleet. Around 20 ships were destroyed including the 8 battleships. 2403 people were killed and 188 planes were completely destroyed. Most battleships damaged in the attack were rebuilt and used. The USS Arizona in the harbor as a memorial to attack.


President FDR had put a ban on Japan's trading mostly wit oil, steel, and iron. Also, America stood in japan's way of being the worlds most powerful Navy. They wanted to cripple the American fleet so they wouldn't be a factor in the war.


The attack took place at Pearl Harbor which is in Hawaii. Pearl Harbor is a major U.S. naval base.


The attack happened on December 7th, 1941. The attack began around 7:55 Hawaii time. The attack itself was short only lasting an hour or two, but did a lot of damage in that time.


The Empire of Japan planned and executed this attack against the U.S.

Why is this important?

Pearl harbor is important because It is the reason America joined the war. Until pearl harbor the U.S. had not contributed much to the war. When the Japanese attacked, this was the first direct conflict and a declaration of war. They often refer to the U.S. as the sleeping giant because Japan provoked us and the Axis would regret that.
Pearl Harbor is what woke the sleeping giant.
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