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Futurist Website or simply Another Science News Site?

There are a lot of websites out there that use the word "future" of their domain name, but they are they really futurist type websites? It is suggested often through print publishers and publishers that the expression "future" is a good word to use throughout titles, given it grabs people's attention. However, when people make use of the word future and then impulse predictions or even future company accounts, then could they be really tricking the viewer and web-surfer. I believe they are.

Recently, an editor of a desolate man things sort news site asked me to write down a line, but in researching the website I ran across it to be underwhelming about the futuristic aspects, and more hefty into the medical news market. Indeed, in the event the magazine can be serious about "The Future" then why are all of the articles regarding new clinical innovations with the current economic period as well as happening right this moment? - asked myself.

It looks like they are intent on scientific breakthrough discovery that has currently happened, not necessarily what will maintain the future. That is certainly just uninteresting, more research news, regurgitation, typical individual tactic of re-packaging information. I think they can fare best, but are keeping themselves rear, afraid to make people believe, worried you will get too far from a mainstream, offer "core" group of visitors, which I believe they do not also understand.

Obviously, as an small business owner, I know the key reason why they do it this way. For the reason that they want to generate income and thus destroy to a lower level of loyal, while nevertheless pretending to speak about the future of stuff. When the publisher wished to guard such comments, the indication was that the site was mostly about technological news.

Indeed, I realize that the site is actually a news internet site and I question what does that has to do with the future of stuff? Shouldn't the website always be called or something like that; for brand new Science Advancement News? If the site is about Science News and is an accumulation everyone else's information, then it is a duplicate site of an genre which is already used and not exclusive. Thus, the information is therefore the same, so whether or not the articles are created more obviously and easier to understand, which is wonderful, still exactly what is the value to a "science news junky" with there being very few articles on the site in contrast to their competition?

When they called themselves a media site, then you could have "futurist type columnists" anyway, which might undertaking these clinical news items into the long term or they might keep the "Future Stuff" motif and market the futurist columnists.