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Mission Monday Sets The Tone For The Week!

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Remembering Kobe!

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Kobe Bryant's sudden death was an unexpected tragedy for each of us! In the wake of such tragic incidents we have to wonder what our scholars are thinking. We encourage each family to use this tragedy to discuss student concerns, fears, and beliefs about death. Reassure our scholars that they are supported and loved both here at school and at home in order to ease their worries.

Here at Slater we will continue to have our morning meetings in each classroom to remind our scholars that they have a safe place even when things around them are uncertain. Rest in Peace Kobe!!

Looking to The Week Ahead Here at Slater!

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Black History Month on The Way!!

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February is the month that our entire country sets aside to celebrate Black History Month! Here at Slater we will make certain that our scholars are a part of this celebration. Each week in February our scholars will learn about the significant contributions that African Americans have made here in the United States and around the world. We will learn about the iconic heroes that made a nation wide footprint in history as well as the unsung heroes that made the world a better place with little or no significant recognition.

While we will highlight the heroic accomplishments in the African American community, we will also use this time to encourage our scholars to take their own place in history. Each of our scholars has the potential to create something that changes our world. Each of our scholars has the potential to impact, or improve our community in some way. Each of our scholars has the potential to be a First!!---the first CEO in a major organization, the first college graduate in their family, the first to start a ground breaking organization in the arts, education, medicine, technology, or any other industry.

This untapped potential is the reason that Slater and our entire PBSA community of schools embrace the Project Based Learning Model. Project Based Learning gives our scholars the opportunity to explore the things that interest them, to set their own pace for learning, and to question why we do what we do!! If you want to learn more about Project Based Learning, consult with your child's teacher and see what you can do to be a part of the movement!!

Slater Staff Highlight!

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Slater Custodial Staff

When you look around Slater Elementary, our scholars walk through clean doors, clean halls and an overall clean school. Keeping a school clean that is the size of Slater which serves over 500 scholars each day is a monumental task!

We often highlight the teachers and educational support staff of our school, but we realize that it takes a lot of skilled individuals to make Slater function properly! Our custodians are a large part of the village that supports our Slater Scholars. Not only do they keep our school tidy and clean, they insure that the temperature is comfortable, they rid our school of unwanted pests, and they develop a kind and respectful relationship with many of our scholars and families.

We thank Mr. Neal, Ms. Clemmons, and Mr. Killing for the daily contributions that you make here at Slater Elementary School. You ROCK!!!!

Slater Expectations!

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