8 Apps for Teachers

Especially New Teachers

1. Planboard

A free tool to easily plan, share, and organize lessons and resources. Teachers can also attach files that can be used in the classroom. It is a great way to maximize your time.

Planboard Website Link


2. TED

A great place to find inspiration for your class. Presenters from all over the world share their ideas on all kinds of subjects. Teachers could even get the students to create their own TED Talks in the classroom.

TED Website

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3. Edmodo

A way for teachers and students to share content and communicate in a safe and free way. It allows for notifications, receiving grades, receiving assignments, posting messages, calendars, quizzes, and polls.

Edmodo Website

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4. TeacherKit

An amazing tool to help manage the classroom and the students. Educators can use it for attendance, logging student behaviour, recording grades, creating a seating chart, and so much more!

TeacherKit Website

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5. ClassDojo

Educators, parents, and students can use ClassDojo to promote positive behaviour and skills in the classroom. It is a fun way to manage behaviour.

ClassDojo Website

Student Introduction to ClassDojo