The Reformation

By: Sergio Joel Morales


Some of the causes of the reformation were the Renaissance's views on secular and individual challenged the church's power.Corruption of the Catholic Church during the Renaissance (sale of indulgences, ex.). Rulers began to challenge the churches political power. Invention of the printing press allowed dissenters to spread ideas throughout Europe. Criticisms in the Catholic church of began a split in religion.

People Involved


After the reformation many type of Religions were created. The Council of Trent was created to make rules for the church and see how to counter the Protestants accusations. Because of these splits in religion the system for the economy was effected also. It also advanced the idea of equality. For instance, M. Luther held that there was no spiritual distinction between the laity and clergy. There was a spiritual equality of all believers

Things We Still Use Today

The Reformation changed the way people thought of popes and clergy in general. There are currently more than 10,000 American-born varieties of Christianity. Many of these different religions are still being used today. It also made many disputes that led to wars such as The Thirty Years War.