Play Ball!

Why Co-ed sports should be played

Did You Ever Think Of This?

In 1973, there was an argument used by the New Jersey Little League that said that the female athlete is not more likely to get injured than a male athlete. It doesn't make sense.

What about this?

The law states that "no person in the United States shall on the basis of gender be excluded from participation in, or be subjected to discrimination under any education program or activity receiving federal financial assistance.

  • That is called Title IX. It is a law,but it doesn't cover sports. Why??

Positives Of Co-ed Sports

Skill Levels

  • You evaluate an athlete's skills and you find the error in believing that boy's teams are better than girl's teams.
  • Both competitive genders can compete together.

Mutual Respect

  • You praise players based on skill shows the knowledge and understanding of sport.
  • Teaches kids to see people on skill, not gender(not judging on the outside).

Low Cost

  • Less coaches for co-ed than gender separated.
  • Less cost for different fields and one scheduled practice/game instead of multiple.

Counter Arguments


  • You may think that regular separated is better for competition(playing with people that are the same as you).
  • Girls may want more competition or boys might want less competition.
  • Co-ed is the one for you.

Girl's View

  • Girl.
  • You want to get better, but you don't want to play with boys.
  • Co-ed is for you.
  • Boys are generally stronger and more aggressive when it comes to sports.
  • Not saying that girls are bad, but it is good for girls because they are different and they think differently.
  • If you love the sport, you will overcome the want not to play with boys.

Now This Is Why Girls Should Play With Boys

Erin DiMeglio First Female Quarterback In Florida Football History

Erin DiMeglio: First Female Quarterback

The YouTube video above was about Erin, the first female quarterback to play on the Florida team(not professional). She played for the team after halftime and she lead the team to victory with a 31-14 lead. This proves that girls are competitive and that we can fit right in in co-ed sports. We don't need extra protection because we might get hurt, and that was proven by Erin.

Come On, You Know You Want To;)