Coal Mining

and the dangers behind the job.

Why Coal Mining?

Coal was in high demand in the 17th and 18th century, 23,000,000 tons of coal were produced and used yearly. Factories used it to fuel the stoves to manufacture several things such as bricks, dyes, glass, etc. Several families used it to warm their houses. Coal miners were paid more than the average factory worker and made several jobs that needed to be filled.

Working Conditions.

Working Conditions as a miner were worse than the job of a factory worker. In the mines there was no light so they were always working in the dark. The air inside the mine consisted of coal dust which had hard effects on the lungs of the workers and usualy led to lung cancer or other illnesses.

Dangers Within.

Adding to the dangers of the darkness and harsh air quality, they were always in danger of explosion, flooding or collapsing tunnels. Children ages as low 5 years old who worked in the mines always had to crawl under working machines, hauled heavy carts or coal, and had to sit in the dark of the mine shafts and open doors for passing miners.