Animals Endangered

in Africa

The Problem

The problem is that there are many endangered animals in Africa. Animals like the addax, mountain gorilla, cheetah, and African wild dog are endangered in Africa. The location of the problem varies, because not all of the animals live in a specific country or region.

Why It's a Problem

There are many reasons for animals going extinct. Poaching is a reason in Africa especially. With the population and cities growing, many changes have happened to the wildlife. With the changes, the wildlife has less room to live and hunt. Therefore, the animals don't have places to hide from poachers. Also, poachers hunt the biggest animals of their breed. Because of this, the male leaders of the pack are getting killed the most.

How the Problem Effects and Impacts Africa

This needs to be stopped, because when animals are endangered, it messes with the ecosystem and the balance in nature. When predators are endangered, their prey tend to become over populated. When animals are killed for just one part and not the rest of their body, it's just wasting the animal and killing them off even more.

A Solution to the Problem

The people who poach these animals and put them into smaller habitats due to growth of cities need to change. If they are hunting animals that are meant to be hunted, they should use the whole animal, not just kill them for one part.