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February 3rd


  • MSA General Body Meeting and Elections
  • Upcoming Events and New Updates
  • Islamic Development
  • W15 Semester Projects
  • Ongoing Programs
  • Get Involved!

MSA General Body Meeting and Elections

Assalamu Alaikum MSAers,

It's that time of year again! That means it is time to ELECT new MSA representatives for the 2015-2016 school year. Please select who you believe is best fit for each position by clicking on the link below. Also, you may nominate the same person for multiple positions and you can nominate yourself!

MSA General Body Meeting

For more information on current exec and director positions, don’t forget to come out to the MSA Annual General Meeting (UC 103) this Friday (Feb 6th) after Jummah prayer. This will also be an opportunity for you to learn about what your MSA is up to for the semester, give us feedback and also get answers to any questions you may have. Free Refreshments will be provided!

The DEADLINE to nominate your favourite candidate is next Monday, Feb 9th! So complete the form at the link below ASAP. Role descriptions of all positions are written in the form in case you are not familiar with any of the positions.

If you have any questions about the election, please contact the MSA 2015-2016 Elections Team at:

Special thanks to our awesome election committee members Mariam Javed, Amreen Kadwa and Hira Zaman!

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Upcoming Events in February

Inter-MSA Ski Trip

SAVE THE DATE! The long-awaited inter-MSA Ski Trip is back! February 19th is the big day. Your social directors are hard at work planning the trip to Blue Mountain! More details regarding ticket information to be posted soon so mark your calendars and get ready to spend an entire day on the slopes!

Speaker Night

Marriage is an intriguing topic and sometimes the most difficult to comprehend as in some cases we confuse culture with what is required. Come out to the speaker night event and get informed on:

1) What to look for in a spouse that will benefit you in this world and the next

2) How to approach a prospect according to the etiquettes of Islam

3) Rulings on interaction with the opposite gender before marriage

4) How to deal with cultural clashes in accordance to Islam

ie. Parents not being accepting of potential partner because of difference in culture and ethnicity


Lecture Series on Diseases of the Heart

Alhumdulilah Imam Sufyan will be joining us once again this semester to lead a lecture series on Diseases of the Heart. His first lecture will start in March.

Revert Panel

Your MSA is excited to announce that in the month of March, we will be hosting the first ever revert panel on Campus! We will be inviting new muslims to talk about their stories of embracing islam as well as the struggles that they face.

MSA Appreciation Dinner

The MSA Appreciation Dinner is one of our biggest events of the year and inshallah will be taking place on April 18th. Please mark down your calendars as this in one event you do not want to miss!

Islamic Development

Quran and Tajweed Classes

Would you like to learn how to recite the quran or maybe perfect your tajweed? Join Amaturaheem (for sisters) or Ahmad (for brothers) in the MSA office for a chance to do so! These weekly classes are an opportunity for you to come in and expand your knowledge that provides you with a completely FREE class that teaches you how to correctly pronounce the Arabic text and the authentic recitation of the Quran.

Where: MSA office located in UC Room 222.


Sisters Quran Class: Mondays @5:30

Brothers Quran Class: Wednesdays @5:30

Daily Hadith:

Every day this semester inshallah after maghrib prayer we will be sharing a hadith with everyone in the chapel as part of our Islamic Development Program.

W15 Semester Projects


New Website

After a semester of technical difficulties, we are pleased to announce a complete remake of the MSA website! It will be brand new and better than ever! Our goal is to make relevant information more accessible with an easy to use interactive layout for all Muslims both on and off-campus. The webmaster has recruited a wonderful committee to help with this project which consists of Munaj Syed and Shahrukh Syed, so please be sure to thanks these two if you see them! Our mission is to have the website done by the end of February so stay tuned for updates!

Branching Out

Masha'Allah many high schools around Guelph have approached our MSA with an interest in establishing their very own MSA! For now we have decided to take on one of the schools as a pilot project and Alhumdullilah a few Execs have taken responsibility to to help train and prepare these students to create their own fully functional MSA. We will update you on their progress.

MSA Survival Guide

We are currently working on putting together a survival guide targeted towards first year and transfer students. The guide will list all resources for Muslims on campus such as Halal food, prayer space, wudu area locations and more. Furthermore we will aim to connect these students to all MSA social media outlets and more campus resources that will aid them in their academic career and personal growth. Keep an eye out for further updates on this project!

Ongoing Programs

Jumm'ah Prayer

Where: Room 103 - University Centre (UC) 1st floor

When: Every Friday starting at 1:30pm

Daily five prayers

Where: Chapel - University Centre (UC) 5th floor

Sisters only swim

Where: Red pool located in the campus Athletic Centre

When: Every Friday at 8pm to 9pm

The ease of exercising or even releasing some pent up energy in a sister friendly atmosphere every Friday night!


Are you interested in becoming more involved with the activities of your MSA?

Then be sure to check out our List of Committees in the link below. We promise there's something for everyone, so be sure to check it out and if you see something that interests you do not hesitate to sign up. These committees not only teach you valuable life skills, but also put you in a position to become a MSA executive.

Get Involved!

MSA Team 2014/2015

The MSA team is comprised of both executives and directors. For details on who is part the MSA team and how to get in touch with them, please click on the link below:

W15 MSA Team Schedule

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