Important Facts to know

about medicine and poisonous substances

What is a drug?

A drug is any substance (except food and water) which,
when taken into the body changes the way the body

Can I take medicine from the cupboard?

No, you should ALWAYS ask a trusted adult for their advice on medicines! Medicine can be harmful to you if you do not take it safely and accordingly!

Did you know that medicines can sometimes look like lollies?

Sometimes medicine and vitamins come in many pretty colors and shapes. Medicine may be confused with things that look and taste good, like lollies!

BEWARE! What you see below may surprise YOU!

Look at the picture below to see the similarities between a skittle and panadol and all the other types! This is why we must ALWAYS ask an adult!

What are hazardous substances?

➤ A substance is determined to be hazardous if it contains ingredients that may be harmful to your health

➤ Chemicals can be dangerous if not stored, handled and used properly.

➤ Hazardous substances are found in and around the home

➤ Poisonous and flammable substances have warning symbols or words on them

➤ There are safe storage procedures for medicines and hazardous substances

Did you know that these are classified as hazardous items and substances?

lipstick, tablets,
medicines,coins, poison,
matches, moth balls, knives, first aid kit,
toilet cleaner, bleach, deodorant,
air freshener,silver polish, dishwashing powder,
cockroach bait, window cleaner, cactus, paint, tools,
saw, electrical cords, lawn food, snail bait, candles, spray cans

Safe Tips for you to use and follow:

Keep medicines in a locked cupboard or one that is
out of reach of children.
Adults always give medicines to children.
Keep lids tightly screwed on medicines.
Discard out of date medicines.
Make sure all medicine remains clearly labelled.
Keep medicine in the packaging it came in, not loose.
Display these rules