Literary Holiday

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What is a Literary Holiday?

A literary holiday is a holiday used to celebrate literature and authors, it can be about an author or the book itself. We celebrate good books, because we love the author and they deserve to be celebrated for their hard work.

why do we need to take off school for Dr. seuss

  1. He wrote books for kids that won awards
  2. He is awesome, duh
  3. A lot of kids loved his books
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National Read Across America Day (Dr.Seuss)

National Read Across America Day is a day to encourage children all around America to read. It is on March 2 every year in honor of Dr. Seuss's birthday. We celebrate the greatness of reading and Dr. Seuss with many activities, that we discuss below
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Sometimes literary holidays are celebrated with adaptations of books such as plays, and other are celebrated with creative activities. For Dr. Seuss day, we would like it if we could put on a play, write our own Dr. Seuss style poems with silly drawings, and dress up as our favorite Dr. Seuss creatures.