E1 News

October 10-14

Family Learning Teams

Thank you to everyone who made it to the meeting. Those of you who couldn't make it I will give you your folder at conferences on November 7th. I have a sign up started for conferences that day that I will be sending out next week. Those of you who signed up at the family learning team night will not need to sign up.
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If you have any crafting skills or would like to help with any of our projects for the auction please contact me as soon as possible. We have a few projects started and are excited to do more in the next few weeks.

Snack Next Week

Thank you so much for the donations of snack! The kids have loved the healthy, delicious selection!

Addy H.

Sophie H.




Recap of the Week

This week was a busy one at NPMLC. Wednesday we took off to Grandpa's Farm in Merrill, the kids had a blast despite the rain and cold! In science we continued our study of plants. This week's mystery was why do trees grow so tall. If you have a chance ask your child why they think trees grow so tall! It was interesting to hear their predictions, they should now know that it's because they are reaching for the sun. We will create grass heads next week to see how this works. Language and math goals have been created and the students are working hard to fulfill this goal.

Upcoming Events

October 7th- Montessori Parent Committee Meeting @ 3:00 in E2

November 4th- Montessoiree'

November 7th- Conferences No School