The California Gold Rush

Morgan Renè Miller

Gold Found In California!!

Did this title intrigue you? Well we have news for you, gold was found by James Marshall on Negro Hill. His boss John Sutter told him to keep quiet about the flaky fortune, but word spreads fast in America. After Sutter's workers leaked the valuable secret, they quit. I guess Sutter's servants didn't appreciate being stiffed. I sure wouldn't. So come on down to California, where the population is booming and supplies are not.

Breaking News!

Tragedy Strikes: Donner party lost in the Siearra Nevada Mountains!

The Donner party is a normal family, minding their own business, until one wrong choice strands them for months. The Donner party went off the California trail, hoping to shave a few miles off the trip. Traveling super long distances with 87 people is hard, so the shortcut seemed best. Then winter came, and stranded in the mountains, the Donnors ran out of food fast. They had no choice but to turn to cannabolism, labeling people so they wouldn't eat their own families. The survivors of the Donnor party are less than what they started with. The moral of this story is to always stay on the well known trail, because you never know what you could resort to.

Watch Out! The Fever Is Spreading!

Since gold was found in California, people have gone sick with the fever. Gold fever, common in all forty-niners and placer miners. This sickness will cause young men to drop their whole lives and move west. For the slim chance of finding a gold that might not even be plentiful. Watch for this sickness, it spreads quite quickly, and will affect young and old. Don't fall for the trap of the gold rush. The east is best anyway.