Moffat County Classified Employees

All Classified Emplyees Please join

Moffat County Classified Employee Gathering

Tuesday, Dec. 1st, 4pm

Craig Middle School, Yampa Avenue, Craig, Moffat County, CO,

Calling all support personnel!

The Moffat County Education Association was approached by several support personnel this fall who were concerned about current working conditions and the feeling that they are not valued by administration. We would like to meet with a larger representation of support personnel to analyze the issues.

Please come prepared to share your stories and troubleshoot solutions to our current work environment. The meeting will be at the Middle School Library. We will try to formulate a positive plan on how to move forward regarding our work environment.


  1. Introductions (10 minutes)
  2. Discuss issues/Concerns (20 minutes)
  3. Make a list of Issues/Concerns to bring to the meeting with Administration (20 minutes)
  4. Decide on members to be on the group (1 from each department) (15 minutes)