Christensen Courier

September 21st - 25th


Parents: If your student is experiencing technical difficulties with their laptop, you may place a work order with the IT Department and they will contact you. Click on the link below (Microsoft Forms) to complete the work order.

YMCA specialist

YMCA specialist begins this week 12:00 to 12:30 everyday online. This is a fun way to get 'students' moving. Students can access the YMCA Fitness video by clicking on the 'Fitness' button (like the one pictured to the left) on their classroom's Canvas home page.

Sack Lunches here at Christensen

Free sack lunches for children ages 0 to 18 are available everyday here at Christensen Elementary from 11am to 12:00pm.

Click on the link below (Food Resources) for a list of all the 'meal sites'.


Students are encouraged to daily log into Canvas and to check in with their teacher with questions, so they don't fall behind. Teachers are taking daily attendance and marking absent those students who do not log into Canvas or connect with their teacher. An attendance auto dialer phone call will be sent out to those students who were market absent the day before.

Students who are having technical difficulties and have contacted the IT Department, please notify the office @ 253-298-3300.

Drive thru FLU Clinics

Click on the below link ( to find the nearest mobile FLU clinic.