Also known as fever n ague in pioneer days

What is malaria?

Malaria is a really bad disease that you get from mosquitoes. In the olden days it was known as fever n ague. You feel hot one time and cold another time. Your whole body aches. You get it from female mosquitoes biting you. So that's why i recommend putting on bug spray to prevent it.

How you prevent Malaria

Without medicine and treatments you can die from malaria. But,here are some ways you can prevent malaria. First thing you can do is is put on bug spray. You can problaby get it from anywhere.You can also take medicine witch is a very good idea.

Where malaria is most at risk

There are some places in the world where malaria is at risk:South America,Hispanolia,Africa,Asia,Eastern Europe and South Pacific.

The symptoms of malaria

the symptoms of malaria are fever,chills,headache,flu like symptoms,muscles aches,low blood cell counts,yellowing of the skin and whitinig of the eyes.

How you get malaria

you get malaria by getting bit by female mosquitoes who have it

traveling in a malaria risk area

when you go to a place that is at risk from malaria these are some things you should know.

if you feel weird and you have some symptoms of malaria call your doctor emmidiatly

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