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About Ferari

Ferrari programme of continuous development will never come to an end.The quality of our cars cannot be seperated from the lives of the people working at the ferari plant

This is best car of 2013

Price of our best car of 2013

458 Spider price: 3.4 million pesos

F12belinetta price: 4.5 million pesos

Ferrari California price: 5.1 million pesos

Ferrari today

Management and factory

Top managers and the best working conditions are the basic elements of Ferrari's strategy today.

In 1997 Ferrari introduced its Formula Uomo initiative at its Maranello HQ, with the aim of providing its staff with the best possible working conditions. Formula Uomo puts Ferrari employees firmly at the heart of the company and is symbolised best, according to Montezemolo, by "the tree-lined road, Viale Enzo Ferrari, inside which runs the entire evolution of the site."

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we have big sale !!!

Thursday, Sep. 19th 2013 at 9pm

Indang, Calabarzon, Philippines

Indang, Calabarzon


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